Best Middle Earth Movie, Hobbit & Annie Review

best hobbit movie

This week on the Now Conspiring podcast, Maria and I try our hardest to determine the “best” Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movie. It might get heated.

We also review and discuss The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and the 2014 remake of Annie.

Stick around for the end of the show when we discuss the new movies coming out Christmas Day and which ones we recommend, PLUS we talk about the controversy surrounding the pulling of The Interview from theaters.

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4 thoughts on “Best Middle Earth Movie, Hobbit & Annie Review

  1. Great show guys! Loving the theme music and Jon’s ridiculous rants. Keep em coming!

  2. I think Return of the King is the strongest of the movies, and is the only one that has a real climax and resolution. The first two are just the set up after all. I don’t really like the Hobbit movies.

  3. Definitely agree with The Two Towers

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