Now Conspiring: Best James Bond Movie, Suicide Squad & Deadpool News

james bond suicide squad deadpool

This week on the Now Conspiring podcast, Maria and I debate all things James Bond in light of the Bond 24 announcement. Which James Bond/James Bond movie is the best? We want to know your thoughts too!

We also discuss TONS of Marvel and D.C. news that flooded the Interwebs this week, including Suicide Squad casting and the official news coming out of the upcoming Deadpool movie. And as always, we list the new movies coming out next week that you don’t want to miss.

Enjoy the show!

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9 thoughts on “Now Conspiring: Best James Bond Movie, Suicide Squad & Deadpool News

  1. I’ve seen every James Bond movie, but Skyfall is still my favorite, even if it is the latest one.

  2. Goldeneye all the way! Excellent choice Maria 😉

  3. I know the fans are clamoring for it, but a full Deadpool movie, like Jon said, might be a little much…you know unless they threw in the Secret Avengers or something

  4. The Pan trailer is cool I guess but it doesn’t even compare to Jurassic World.


  5. No love for Casino Royale over here? Come on guys.

    • I have a mini review coming out in a few hours. Long story short: it’s good.

  6. Each gets better. Have watched Skyfall much more than once. It ticks most of the boxes and doesn’t insult audience intelligence (except for the train bursting through the sewers) Sorry to see M go. Loved the two leading ladies, both credible, no overt sexuality. About time beauties were portrayed with brains in a ‘Bondie’. Would like to see an alternative ending. M shouldn’t have been manhandled with ignominy…and most definitely should have had an Oscar placed in her hand as she took her final “Bondie” breath.

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