First Trailer For ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Has The Droid We’re Looking For.

Just. Wow.

Lots of fun, inventive ideas here. I’m especially glad they strayed from dwelling on the old characters, aside from the Falcon, in favor of the next generation (and future of the franchise).

Still wish we knew who that Sith was (my money’s on Adam Driver). He’s probably an Inquisitor (see Star Wars: Rebels), and my theory for that cross-lightsaber is that it’s so powerful, it exhausts extra power. Or it just looks cool.

18 thoughts on “First Trailer For ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Has The Droid We’re Looking For.

  1. You can definitely tell that Boyega just realized he’s the third black guy in the galaxy.

      1. Billy Dee Williams as Lando Carrisian
      2. Samuel L Jackson as Mace Windu
      3. Jon Boyega as a Stormtrooper

      Is there a conspiracy here?

  2. I don’t know how, but I’ve watched this 1000 times now. Still isn’t old.

  3. Was that droid playing soccer? Because I want space soccer.

  4. I’m rather indifferent towards the new Star Wars if I’m honest. The trailer hasn’t changed that. Maybe I’m suffering from Abrams Fatigue.

  5. I…I actually became very emotional when the Falcon appeared, and still am!

    • There was not a lot of cgi in this trailer only some space ships and like 1 background.

  6. So, if the only Star Wars movie I’ve seen so far is the first one (!) will this one make any sense? Can it stand completely on its own without losing too much in transit between moviemaker’s brain and viewer’s brain?

    • Do you mean the first one as the phantom menance? Or the first one that came out on theaters?( which is the 4th in the star wars universe chronological order).

      • I am guessing Phantom Menace

        • Watch the Original Trilogy: 4: A New Hope 5:The Empire Strikes Back
          6:Return of the Jedi

          It’ll make more sense and they’re 10 times better than the one you saw. If you want to watch the prequels but they’re pretty disappointing

          • The prequels are decent kids’ movies. I know I loved them growing up, despite how weak they are compared to the originals. Also, the special effects don’t hold up nearly as well. But it at least answers some questions you may have after watching the originals.

      • Sorry for such a late reply, Someone, I missed yours earlier. The first one in theaters (1 through 4, I understand). But I’ll share an awesome discovery with you: in the last couple of years, 2 books have come out, Shakespeare’s Star Wars. The first covers 1 – 4, the second, which I’m currently reading, tackles 5 – ? (not sure), The Empire Striketh Back; a third is on the way. Uh, Say what? you ask. Well, I’m telling you, these books are out of this world (sorry). They’re written in iambic pentameter in a very accessible ‘Shakespearean’ dialect. They’re brilliantly unputdownable, and I find myself laughing out loud many times throughout. A must-read introduction to the Star Wars universe (not to mention, to the bard) and ought to be in the Gr. 9 curriculum. So I’m hoping the third is out before the movie we’re discussing arrives . . . Otherwise, maybe will have to look up the old movies 🙂 Have many generations passed since Luke ‘walked’ the skies?

  7. Looking forward to watching it already

  8. Have you seen the trailer for the George Lucas Special Edition for this movie? It is so hilarious!

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