First Official Trailer For Jurassic World (Compared With The First Ever Trailer of Jurassic Park)

Still processing this. There’s something haunting about watching this trailer and seeing this park be open — 20 years after seeing the movie as a kid.

Back then, we could only dream about what the full realization of a Dinosaur amusement park would actually look like. Now they’ve gone and made it.

For full nostalgia, check out the very first trailer for the very first Jurassic Park movie to compare:


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  1. I’m a huge fan of the Jurassic Park films, and hope that this film lives up to expectation and doesn’t ruin the trilogy! I’m excited to see how they have made the park accessible to the public, and very intrigued about this new ‘hybrid dinosaur’ they have created! I like that you included the old trailer as a comparison as the new trailer has a very different atmosphere – very eerie!


    1. It’s amazing how far trailers have come in just 20 years. Even in the last 10 if you watch the trailer for the last Jurassic Park movie.


  2. Even though people are saying the makers of Jurassic World made up the D-rex (The New Dinosaur), it is actually a combination of the T-rex, the velocioraptor, and one other, which was a dinosaur from the 2nd Jurassic Park book that had camouflage, hunted during the day, and made raptors and rexes back off. Combining the descriptions was a good move.

    People are asking on Youtube how they got the mosasaur’s DNA if mosquitos couldn’t swim, but if anyone looks at the viral site, it is hinted that the DNA was gotten in oil fields, as oil is made up of dead creatures that are millions of years old, which would include mosasaurs.

    And for those asking why did the makers of JW not use a new, 100% real dinosaur, look at this order of awe.

    Jurassic Park : T-rex
    The Lost World: Jurassic Park: Two T-rexes
    Jurassic Park III: Spinosaurus that kills a T-rex
    Jurassic World: New dinosaur (D-rex) bigger than a T-rex, that is smarter as a raptor and kills everything that moves, suggesting that frog DNA was still used.

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  3. My parents remember watching Jurassic Park in theaters and are looking forward to seeing the new movie

    Both trailers are epic and my personal favorite in the new trailer is the piano version of the theme


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