Pixar Quotes Make Excellent Posters

Risa Rodil is an up-and-coming illustrator who just happens to love Pixar films. Hence her “Pixar Lettering Series,” which just debuted on her website.

Using some of the most memorable quotes from Pixar’s finest films, including one that just got polled most memorable quote of all time, Risa designed some stunning posters that highlight the fun and artistic ingenuity of the movies they’re based on.

The posters are below, but you can see the whole list and more on Risa’s site (and please do yourself a favor and check her work out!)

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15 thoughts on “Pixar Quotes Make Excellent Posters

  1. “Adventure is out there” may or may not have brought tears to my eyes…

  2. Beautiful. Does Risa work for Pixar?

  3. which quote is the most memorable of all time? is it the buzz lightyear one?

  4. Love that she went with an Edna Mode quote 😉

  5. What about Planes? and frozen

  6. Thanks for linking to the full site!!! Thes will look amazing as desktop backgrounds!!!

  7. Although a nitpick, I see someone from the Monsters Inc. poster who is not in the movie, but in the prequel.

  8. This is wonderful, the Brave quote is my favorite 🙂

  9. I also like the one from the Incredibles. It fits really well to the movie and it was a great choice for the poster

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