Big Hero 6 Review, Star Wars 7 & Interstellar (Podcast)

This week on Worth Watching, we have two guests joining the show: Sara Peery and Jordan Smith! We talk about Big Hero 6, the latest plot rumors around Star Wars Episode VII, and finally figure out why Maria hates Marvel movies. Enjoy!

big hero 6 worth watching

 Click here to download the episode


15 thoughts

  1. I think I like this version of the show better than Agents of Film. Don’t get me wrong, I like both! But the audio seems more natural and less distracting. Loving the new show guys!


    1. They’re honestly too different to really compare. Both are good movies, but I will say that I enjoyed Big Hero 6 more, and that’s coming from the fact that I love Chris Nolan movies almost as much as I love Disney movies.


    1. Yes, eventually. We’re still working out the kinks of the show and how we’re going to brand it (down to the logo). We’ll keep you posted!


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