Christopher Nolan: Real Movies Don’t Have a Post-Credits Scene

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Tom Shone| The Guardian: 

[In regards to Man of Steel] When the studio asked if Snyder would add a comedy coda ending, in the style of Marvel, Nolan’s reply was “A real movie wouldn’t do that.”

I guess we can count this as confirmation that Interstellar doesn’t have an “after-the-credits” scene, though that was to be expected. I’ve never left a Nolan film feeling anxious for a post-credits scene, to be honest.

Nolan is getting a lot of heat for this remark, which is to be expected. Many media outlets are filled to the brim with Marvel fans who are quick to defend the MCU’s reliance on comedy coda endings, after all.

Strangely, I don’t find Nolan’s comment all that insulting to the scores of great and “real” movies that do utilize post-credit wrap-ups. Obviously, Marvel movies come to mind, but so do Disney films as well. I didn’t even catch the secret clip at the end of Brave until my second viewing.

The man’s a great director, and brilliant minds are bound to be a little elitist. In his framework for making good movies, post-credit stingers aren’t necessary, hence a real movie doesn’t need one. I don’t think that’s true all the time, but it probably is for Nolan films.

6 thoughts on “Christopher Nolan: Real Movies Don’t Have a Post-Credits Scene

  1. I WISH Inception had a post-credits scene! Of all the flipping movies to have a…

    • Sometimes. Other times they’re purely for comedy (The Avengers is a good example)

  2. Well that’s a no true Scotsman fallacy if I’ve ever seen one.

    For those of you that don’t know, a no true Scotsman fallacy is basically when you state something like say, “Movies don’t have scenes after the credits.” Then the person you’re talking to proves that some movies DO have scenes after the credits. Your response would then be something to the effect of, “No true movie has a scene after the credits.”

    This is quite obviously a lie because even if you don’t think that said movie shouldn’t have had a post-credits scene, that thing is still undeniably a movie, and so your statement is basically meaningless.

    If that explanation made no sense to you, watch this video, it will probably do a better job than I did.

    tldr; no true scotsman fallacies=bad; don’t ever use them

    • I realize I made a typo in my earlier comment, it says, “even if you don’t think that said movie shouldn’t have had a post-credits scene,” which is a double negative. It should read, “even if you think that said movie shouldn’t have had a post-credits scene.

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