‘Furious 7’ Official Trailer Feels Like a Tribute to Paul Walker

It’s been a year since Paul Walker tragically passed away, leaving behind his “family” of costars to grieve his untimely loss. This trailer for the next and possibly final Fast and Furious franchise very much feels like his epitaph.

Even on its own, the movie shows off exactly what we love about these movies, along with some new upgrades. Jason Statham is looking like he’ll make a pretty perfect villain for the anti-heroes, and the Rock flexes out of a cast.

Furious 7 come out April 3, 2015.


7 Replies to “‘Furious 7’ Official Trailer Feels Like a Tribute to Paul Walker”

  1. Hi Jon. I think you meant epitaph, not epithet there.

  2. It’s been too long since we had Jason Statham play a villain 😀

    • I thought Lucas Black would’ve made a good villain…

      • Really? He was one of the worst characters in this franchise. and he wouldn’t be a villain????

  3. This is completely over-the-top and I love it.

  4. It really is “one last ride” 🙁

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