This Captain America Theory Pretty Much Spoils The Entire Franchise.


This theory could pretty much spell out what Marvel has been planning for the Avengers franchise, including not one, but two huge twists surrounding Captain America and his band of Marvel misfits. You’ve been warned.

Captain America Theory

I received an email from a fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe fan who made the startling claim that Captain America will perish in the upcoming 2018 film, Avengers 3.

Obviously, that’s pretty far off, and I was skeptical at first. But the theory makes incredible sense. It turns out that a Redditor started this idea pretty recently, and a lot of fans have ran with it. Here’s the general concept:

Steve Rogers/Captain America was born on July 4, 1918 according to Captain America: The First Avenger. That would make him 100 years old exactly by the time we get to Avengers 3, which will take place in 2018.

Captain America Theory

This is because the MCU tends to align its movies with the years they come out in. Iron Man took place in their version of 2008. Avengers took place a few years later in 2012.

Now to follow along with this theory, you have to know that it’s been recently implied by Marvel that Captain America 3 will be the start of popular comic storyline, Civil War, in which Tony Stark and Steve Rogers will create warring factions against each other.

This is because RDJ will actually be in the third sequel for Captain America.

Captain America Theory

Cap 3 is planned to come out in 2016, which means the “Civil War” would last for at least two years before Avengers 3 would come out in 2018. The idea is that Thanos will attack Earth in Avengers 3 (forcing the Marvel heroes to settle their differences and unite), and Captain America will sacrifice himself for everyone and die around his 100th birthday.

Thus ending the Civil War.

This aligns with the fact that Marvel needs a new actor to replace Chris Evans, who won’t be doing anymore Captain America movies after this.

Captain America Theory

In comes Sebastian Stan (AKA Bucky Barnes AKA The Winter Soldier) who has agreed to doing 9 films with Marvel.

And in the comics, Bucky Barnes takes up the Captain America mantle himself.

That leads us to Phase IV.

Captain America Theory[Above: Cap suffers this fate in Civil War, thus fueling the theory]

Which would include…? Well Iron Man will be devastated, obviously, but does that mean RDJ will still be kicking around? Or will this Earth-shattering Avengers trilogy pave the way for a new team of heroes and a new franchise of Marvel films?

We’ll see in about 4 years.

Do you agree with this theory? Special thanks to Redditor samus1225 for sparking this spoilerific theory.

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17 thoughts on “This Captain America Theory Pretty Much Spoils The Entire Franchise.

  1. I’m not super savvy about comics, but if Cap was born in 1918, why is he too young to join the army in WWII?

    • He’s not too young to join the army in Cap1, he’s too physically unfit.

  2. Either that or they will kill him before Avengers 3, and Sebastian Stan will take over then…

  3. Excuse me for sounding like a jerk, but I’ll be glad to see Captain America gone. Before you get too mad, I really only know about him from the current film series, maybe I would like him more if I read the comics. Based solely on the movies, his made the least sense and I just don’t like him.

    I think Iron Man is so much better. The first film is still the best, in my opinion.

    • That’s definitely a different opinion (movie Cap seems to have a lot of fans), but I can understand where you’re coming from. And I’d add that most people seem to prefer Iron Man in general.

      Personally, I like Cap the most (Winter Soldier is a masterpiece in my eyes), so I’ll certainly miss him. But at the same time, I have a feeling we’ll be ready for something new by 2018.

      • Oops. I forgot that I haven’t seen the Winter Soldier yet. I guess I should have reserved judgement. I bet it is better than his first movie. I usually don’t see too many “new” movies until they’re out on DVD. I like to save money by renting from the library or Redbox. The downside is I’m about 5 to 10 months behind the times when it comes to movies. I just haven’t gotten around to seeing the Winter Soldier yet.

        I hope that my first comment here didn’t come across too bad. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or anything; I just meant that I was giving my frank opinion… which may still sound harsh.

        • I hear you. And for what it’s worth, Winter Soldier is considered by many to be the best non-Avengers Marvel movie. Some even say it’s better than Avengers.

    • Dude, I totally understand. While I actually like Captain America, he didn’t seem very bad-ass or anything. Especially in The First Avenger. And while he definitely is four times better in The Winter Soldier, you really have to read the comics to enjoy the character. I just read the Civil War story arc, and man, Cap just destroys people. His movie character is – sadly – a little watered down because Chris Evans just simply can’t be ripped like a comic book character can. But I feel like they did the character justice, and in movies it’s just simply harder to portray the same stuff.

  4. Other than the Civil War part, the death of Steve Rogers was hypothesized way back when they announced the first movie and said that Chris Evans signed up for 6 movies and Sebastian Stan signed up for 9. The inclusion of Crossbones in the second movie just added to this.

    • I’m well aware. This is just spoiling how and why it’s going to happen. It also pushes speculation to what’s pretty much inevitable.

  5. Called it. Totally called it. It makes so much sense when you think about it as following the comic storyline.

  6. I don’t think marvel will kill cap, because they never really killed any hero/popular character before. Think about it: Colson (sorry if misspelled) was ”killed” in The Avengers, but later came back in Agents of Shield; Nick Fury was shot dead in Cap. America 2, but revealed to be ok later on; In both Thor: The Dark World and GoG, Loki and Groot sacrificed themselves and ”died”, but were shown to still be alive in the end of the movie; Pepper Pots fell to her presumed death in Iron Man 3, but (to everyone’s surprise) was still living and breathing. Maybe this will change when Age of Ultron comes out.

  7. I love marvel but I think removing the character captain America is going a little too far. marvel is known to be very surprising(like when emma stone AKA gwen stacy was killed at the end of the amazing spider man 2)but I mean COME ON!! its captain America one of the nicest smartest most popular marvel characters of all!!!
    I will miss him sooooo much 🙁 I also heard that in the amazing spiderman 3 Andrew Garfield might marry mj. Watson,retire being spiderman,and give the suit to some black guy with super strength!! it would be following the story line though. (sorry for going off track for a sec.) anyways,i have a question for jon: so what you are saying is that there will be another civil war,cap and iron man will fight then in cap3 he will die and iron man will feel bad for him? it just doesn’t add up!

    • First, the fact that Gwen Stacy gets killed in Amazing Spider-man 2 isn’t altogether surprising. She dies in the comic books, and anyway she was the kind who looked like a “doomed-to-die’ person.
      Second, I agree; Cap does not, I repeat, DOES NOT deserve to die! He is my favorite Avenger, and there is no way I will let him get killed, no matter how heroic he is doing it!
      And third, it does add up. Cap and Iron Man fight, and Tony, no matter who wins, will still think he’s right. Then when Cap dies in Cap3, Iron Man will feel saddened and shocked, obviously, but also guilty because they fought, and Cap was probably still angry at him. And yet he still saved him-well, everyone, but Iron Man was included. Tony feels responsible for Cap’s death.
      You’re welcome (not said sarcasticly).

  8. It’s a good theory, but it’s false. Chris Evens has said multiple times that he is signed to play Cap all the way through Avengers:Infinity War part 2. So there is no way Cap could die yet. Unless Marvel happened to change something along the way, the theory is false.

  9. Woah. Mind. Blown.
    I feel sad that Cap’s gonna die, but as it won’t happen for 3 or 4 years, I’m just going to savor the other two until 2018.
    Jon Negroni, you are a genius.

  10. Cap is probable going to die the same way as we saw in tony’s vision and probable at the hands of thanos

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