Robert Downey Jr. Just Revealed the Fate of ‘Iron Man 4’

Will there be yet another Iron Man installment?

Sadly, no. At least if Robert Downey Jr. is to be believed. Variety got ahold of him at the Toronto Film Festival recently for an interview, where he broke the news.

“There isn’t one in the pipe,” said Downey Jr. “No, there’s no plan for a fourth Iron Man.”

He did mention that he’s signed on for at least two more Avengers sequels. That includes “Age of Ultron,” which will be coming out next May. As well as the third Avengers film in 2018.

iron man 4

This is important news because Iron Man is the first of Marvel films to open during the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.” It was the first to complete a trilogy (with Captain America, Thor, and perhaps even Hulk to finish their own within the next few years).

If there won’t be an Iron Man 4, then should we also believe that the rest of the MCU films will follow suit?

Fourth installments are rarely successful, with films like Rocky IV being the rare exception. It makes sense why Marvel Studios would want to shy from over saturating these franchises, and the fact that Disney is really running the show is important to note. Disney is, after all, notorious for avoiding big budget/big screen sequels.

Still, this could mean that we won’t see a standalone Iron Man film for a long time. Perhaps as a reboot with a new actor. And right now, it’s hard to imagine anyone besides Robert Downey Jr. being the man inside that armor.

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28 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr. Just Revealed the Fate of ‘Iron Man 4’

  1. Honestly, I think it’s good there won’t be a fourth mov– pelted with ice

    *****SPOILERS AHEAD*****

    Now hear me out! In Iron Man 3, it feels like the end of his story. At the end, he has surgery to remove the shrapnel near his heart, which was why he needed the Arc reactor, which powered the suits. All of which, by the way, were destroyed in the epic climax. It looks like Tony was walking away from Iron Man to live a normal life with Pepper.

    “But he’ll be in Avengers 2 and 3”, you’re probably not asking. Well, hypothetical asker, he’s still a multibillionaire genius. Stark Industries still makes highly advanced technology. Tony might not want to be Iron Man anymore, but his thirst to help people he got in the first movie would be there. Heck, he JUST risked his life to save millions of people from a nuke. That doesn’t just go away. If he’s going to be in the next two movies, it’ll likely be as a technology guy, Tony Stark alone, instead of Iron Man.

    Of course, this is just my thoughts. I’ve never read the comics and don’t know if they’re basing either upcoming Avenger movie on a popular storyline where he comes back as Super Iron Man or something.

    • I agree with you, though this would mean that if Marvel did a Civil War movie, they’d have no choice but to bring Iron Man back. And the Fantastic Four…and Spider-man…and Punisher…never mind.

      • Yeah, I’m not very familiar with the comics. I know what Civil War is because of, but other than that I’m clueless. Lol

        • The next time you’re at Barnes and Noble, find Civil War in the graphic novel section and check it out. There are various versions that tell different perspectives of the characters. My favorite is the perspective from Captain America’s point of view. As well as the Spider-man story.

          • I hope Spider-Man goes back to Marvel. Let’s hope Sony decides not to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

          • Yes! I already read the official Civil War arc, and now I’m currently reading the Spider-man story. I’ll check out the Captain America POV next. Although it seems like Spider-man won’t be able to be in the movie “Captain America: Civil War”, I really wish he was. It just seems so sad that the plot has to be twisted so much simply because Spidey isn’t currently part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe 🙁

  2. Yep, I will not be able to see anyone else as Iron Man

    • Same here; I don’t think anyone could fill Robert Downey Jr.s shoes. And the fact that Stan Lee himself said that Downey Jr. was exactly what he envisioned both in looks and personality when he first created Tony Stark, just goes to show how much RDJ was MEANT for this role.

  3. I’m glad there won’t be a fourth Iron Man movie. I loved all the Iron Man movies but I would have to say that the 3rd was not exactly my favorite, even though I still really liked it. I feel as though a fourth would be too much of a stretch and it would not really play well in the whole story. But we loved it while it lasted! <3

    • Agreed. There aren’t a lot of places for this version of Iron Man to “go.” At least by himself in a solo film. I think most people are content to save RDJ’s appearances for the big ensemble movies like Avengers.

  4. I agree, I can’t imagine anyone else replacing Downey Jr as Iron Man. There’s no better fit in my opinion.

    • I imagine that’s how people thought of Superman during the days of Christopher Reeve.

  5. I’m completely alright with them ending the Iron Man series and just having him appear in Avengers and maybe popping up in other movies. I don’t think he needs anymore stand-alone films, especially if they are looking to replace RDJ, who made a fantastic Stark.

    Let Stark take to the background a bit and let some of the other characters in the MCU take the center stage, like Dr. Strange. Ant-Man, or Black Panther. Hopefully one of them can become the new face of MCU and usher in the next phase.

  6. I actually like it that there won’t be an Iron Man 4. I feel like the Iron Man Series had reached a solid conclusion with the third movie. Just my opinion.

    • Agreed. I loved Iron Man 3 enough to feel happy with the franchise being finished. But a lot of people didn’t like the movie, so there will be some disappointed fans.

  7. No to a reboot. I hope they never reboot any of the MCU films; just have it keep going on, changing actors when necessary.


  9. There’s not going to be any more Iron Man movies?
    (Dances with joy)

    No offense to Iron Man lovers, but the movies are crap, and Tony’s a jerk.
    I know I just offended everyone, but hey, a movie about a guy in a suit is boring.
    (Starts to party)

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