9 New Movies You Need to Check Out This Fall

Hey guys, we have a podcast now! I started Agents of FILM with some fellow movie writers, and this is our first episode. Hope you guys like it.

If you prefer audio, then you can download the audio podcast here.

Otherwise, you can watch the full episode here: [for the main segment, skip ahead to 18:24]

Cool things we mentioned:


The Agents of FILM will return next Monday. Follow on Twitter @JonNegroni to stay updated.

2 thoughts on “9 New Movies You Need to Check Out This Fall

  1. Loved this video!! I also am a huge Teen Wolf fan and am not ashamed of it. Such a fantastic crazy show.

    • We Teen Wolf fans need to stick together. I’m so dumbfounded by how a show on this network managed to be so freakin’ good. Against all odds.

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