If ‘Up’ Was Directed by Michael Bay

Well. This happened.

Honestly, I’m only bringing myself to share this because it actually made me laugh out loud and hate myself at the same time. What else on the Internet can do that?

Let’s all take a moment of silence and thank Pixar for choosing Peter Docter (not Michael Bay) to direct Up. Also, was that Linkin Park playing in the trailer? Well done MrStratman7 for making this.

up directed by michael bay

22 thoughts on “If ‘Up’ Was Directed by Michael Bay

    • I watched it 3 times. I also watched the end part a lot. Forgive me,Ellie. Your death was hilarious.

  1. So that’s what UP was missing. Explosions solve everything…(sarcasm)

    But seriously, that trailer was really cool and well edited.

    • That was disturbing. But SUPER COOL!!! Forgive me,Carl. The death of your wife is hilarious.

  2. Holy cow Ellie just exploded!!! Jon’s right. I laughed at that part, and now I feel like a big jerk.

    • You should only feel like a big jerk if you rematch that part more than once. Which I did…I’m a terrible person.

  3. Dem explosions, This is the only thing that makes me think I should go to hell, sorry Ellie, you exploding was too hilarious ;-;

  4. Umm…..That was a strange reality.

  5. EXPLOSION EXPLOSION EXPLOSION and what I think i missed an EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!

  6. I watched it 3 times. It was so funny.
    I am a horrible person.

  7. OH MY GOSH RUSSELL JUST EXPLODED!!!!!! Ha ha! I love this trailer! SO MANY EXPLOSIONS!!!!! XD

  8. I just showed this trailer to my 7 year old who hasn’t seen UP before. He watched it in awe, then turned to me and asked why I hadn’t told him the movie was so cool! He was really disappointed when I told him it was a joke.

  9. Oh man this is SOOOOO awesome!!!!!!!!!! I’m totally loving this!
    By the way, a lot of people seem to feel really guilty about liking Ellie exploding.
    Ellie’s explosion is the best part of the trailer (although Russell exploding is cool, and the music is awesome), so you really shouldn’t feel too guilty about it.
    It’s probably better this way, anyway. Sure, Carl’s wife simply EXPLODING on their wedding day might not be cool for Carl, but at least he won’t go through that heartache of losing her later. He’ll have gone through it already!
    But than his heartache will last through his life, not for a short period.
    And without Ellie motivating him, he’ll never have met Russell or Doug.
    His life would be a torn and shredded disaster.
    Crap, what is wrong with me?

  10. Everything.
    But you’re right. This trailer is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
    The explosions! The dramatic effect! RUSSEL AND ELLIE EXPLODING!!!!
    I love it. So, so much. XD

    • Wait, what?
      “A boo and a yah”? What does that even mean?
      But seriously, this is an awesome trailer. Whoever created it is brilliant.
      I mean, Ellie EXPLODED!!! Who else would think of something so hilarious, and yet so horrid?

  11. Stop Emailing Me please!

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