If FROZEN Was A Horror Film

So yesterday, I shared a fun genre-bending movie trailer that turned X-Men: First Class into a High School comedy. Today, I thought it would be fun to extend that idea to 2013 new classic, Frozen.

Surprisingly, the film actually lends itself really well to being…well, creepy. The trailer actually had me fooled, even though I was aware of what it really was the entire time. Take a look for yourself (if you dare):

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16 thoughts on “If FROZEN Was A Horror Film

  1. Not sure comparing Frozen to the Emperor’s New Clothes qualifies as witty or awesome; but I weighed that movie in the balance and found it wanting. There, I have said it again.

  2. I watched this trailer the other day and thought it looked so cool! Definitely an interesting take on the story.

  3. Please make more of these trailers!!! I enjoyed it!

  4. i watched that trailer in the middle of the night not knowing what to expect and half asleep. it kinda scared me . . .

  5. This is a great trailer! I really love it

  6. I don’t know that I understand the premise of the “Frozen” the horror movie. How would the storyline be twisted if it were a horror movie? I understand that it has the potential to be creepy, just how specifically?

  7. Creepy… o.O

  8. Hahahaha, this is cool. I really like that they explored the “misunderstood” character in this film but I still feel she could have been a little more misunderstood in the film. With that said I’m so grateful for the Once Upon A Time series (Did you see the end of season 3). Hopefully they do her justice 🙂

  9. I loooove this movie and I looove this trailer. It was so fun to watch, it would be good if a real movie could be made out of it, even if just a short one.

  10. I will never think of “Do you want to build a snowman?” The same EVER AGAIM

  11. Elsa = Ice Carrie. Love your theories man ;P

  12. Well shit. This put me in a loop.
    Wonder if you could spin coraline into an upbeat happy movie.

  13. Oh, god, man this is some serious crap.

  14. wow amazing but i wish they could really make a horror frozen n release it then it would be enjoyable

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