Everything You Want To Know About The New ‘Star Wars’ Cast Summed Up In One Graphic

Lately, I’ve been scouring the Internet in search of as many hints and secrets about the new cast of Star Wars: Episode VII I can find, and I even put together a comprehensive guide that is currently on the front page of Moviepilot.

But you guys are on the go, so here is a graphic that answers most of your questions about the new actors and then some, courtesy of IGN.

star wars cast graphic

Thanks IGN! Again, if you want a more detailed look at the faces and names you’re seeing above, check out the guide I linked above.

Can we be excited about Star Wars: Episode VII yet?

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5 thoughts on “Everything You Want To Know About The New ‘Star Wars’ Cast Summed Up In One Graphic

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  3. At first I thought Harrison Ford was playing R2-D2…and I was thinking, “What??” 🙂

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