Make Way For The New ‘Star Wars’ Canon With These Expanded Universe Novels

When Disney announced that a new trilogy of Star Wars films was on the way, along with various spinoffs, many of us were wondering whether or not the new films would fall in line with the numerous expanded universe novels and comics that have been consumed by fans since the 80s.

Well, our speculation can be somewhat put to rest with the release of these “New Canon” books that promise to adhere to the storyline of the upcoming films. Disney is also promising to borrow generously from other sources of expanded universe content, just not completely.

The novels are below, and if you want to keep tabs, check out the Facebook page for “Star Wars Books.”

Novel #1: A New Dawn

NewDawnThe first novel, by best-selling author John Jackson Miller, will help launch the new TV series, Star Wars: Rebels. Set between the Star Wars prequel trilogy and the original trilogy, Rebels will detail the events that lead to the formation of the Rebel Alliance, as seen in “A New Hope.”

The book, A New Dawn, is the prequel to Rebels, as it explains how two of the main characters (Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla) first meet each other. The book will be released in both print and eBook format on September 2, 2014.

Novel #2: Tarkin

StarWarsTarkinAuthor James Luceno will be helming this book that delves into the apparently rich back story of Grand Moff Tarkin, one of Star Wars’ oldest villains. Best known for his role in “A New Hope,” Tarkin has been explored as a character in plenty of other expanded universe content, which explains why James Luceno (a veteran of the expanded universe) has been given the task of cementing Tarkin’s origins into canon. Coming November 4, 2014.

Novel #3: Heir to the Jedi

StarWarsHeirtotheJediAs excited as I am to delve into the first two novels, nothing compares to the promise of a new adventure featuring Luke Skywalker within the original trilogy. “Heir to the Jedi” tells a brand new story in between “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back,” with Luke Skywalker’s Jedi destiny front and center. It will be fun to explore what was going on from Luke’s perspective in the time leading up to one of cinema’s greatest revelations. The book will be available January 2015.

Novel #4: Lords of the Sith

StarWarsLordsoftheSithNow here’s an interesting premise: Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader trying to survive in the depths of space, relying solely on each other? The fragile relationship between these two sith lords has always been intriguing, and “Lords of the Sith” promises to fully explore that concept in this survival story of villains. The book will be available in March of 2015.


  1. Which new Star Wars novel are you looking forward to the most?

  2. How do you think these stories will impact the new canon?

  3. Which expanded universe stories do you wish Disney would include into the new canon?

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12 thoughts on “Make Way For The New ‘Star Wars’ Canon With These Expanded Universe Novels

  1. Definitely Tarkin. James Luceno wrote Darth Plagueis, which is my favourite Star Wars novel, so I have great expectations for Tarkin.

    • What is Darth Plagueis about. I know he trained Darth sidious and all and found a way to stop death but what happened to him? someone tell me. Did Darth Malgus train him?

  2. I want to see the Mara Jade and Thrawn stories developed by Zahn and others. The Correlian Trilogy. The X-Wing series. The Dathomir stories and most of the early stuff developed prior to Yuzahn Vong and death of Chewie (sp?) and yet another disintegration of the Jedi. The background stories for the various characters and short stories. Eject most of the timeline past death of Chewie… but keep the novels released in that time period that dealt with the earlier time period and in between the movies. Similar approach to comics. Keep the animated storyline!

    I actually stopped reading most of Star Wars past the stunt with Chewie and only got back to it a little with the prior to and in between movies novels. This situation presents an opportunity to repair the damage to the story line that occured in the last 10 years or so… and keep it consistent from now on 🙂 A potentially BEAUTIFUL result for SW fandom on top of all the new material coming.

    I will give this effort a chance, BUT if within the first year they do not re-include into canon the good stories that kept me attached to SW through the years, or if they eject the good old material (there is a LOT). I’ll just give up on this storyline again. There is so many other novels to read that my time and money is limited – SW has to make a REAL effort to keep me and others.

    • nobody cared about the EU anyway. this new canon is clearly better in every way.

  3. By far I am most excited for lords of the sith

  4. At the time I write this I am about to jump headlong into Tarkin. I hope it’s as good as the other Luceno Star Wars novels I’ve read Darth Plageus and Dark Lord – The Rise of Darth Vader. Both I suppose are now part of Star Wars Legends as opposed to the New Canon. Which brings me to the next part of the question. I personally like that the EU is getting a reboot. Fresh new stories that fall within the parameters of the official canon. I will be honest in saying I never did care for much of the original EU. The New Jedi order and all the stuff with Han, Leia, and Luke all having kids who were all conveniently Jedi. The whole set up just seemed contrived to me. The problem with using any of the EU from before is now they’ve allowed an outside source to control major plot points and other important parts of the saga. With the new expanded universe novels like Tarkin and New Dawn and TV series like Rebels, we have a less confusing and more controlled universe that is easier to manage and enjoy.

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