The Shocking Truth Behind ‘Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends’

foster's home for imaginary friends theory

This theory about the classic 2000s cartoon show, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends is easily one of my new favorite conspiracy revelations.

In case you’re unaware of the show or just forgot, “Foster’s” was a Cartoon Network show that aired from 2004 to 2009. In the world of “Foster’s,” imaginary friends can be seen by humans, not just the children who think them up. In this world, humans and imaginary friends coexist, which creates the inherent problem of what to do when children outgrow their imaginary friends.

foster's home for imaginary friends theory

Enter Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Created by Madame Foster, this “Home” shelters imaginary friends who have been abandoned by their creators, and they can be adopted by new kids. Madame Foster runs the home with the help of her imaginary friend, Mr. Herriman, and her 22-year-old granddaughter, Frankie.

It was a fun show that actually becomes even more fun when you consider this theory…that Frankie was an imaginary friend as well.

foster's home for imaginary friends

The theory, courtesy of 9gag, argues that Frankie is the younger version of Madame Foster. If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll notice that Frankie’s clothing is the younger version of Madame Foster’s. The idea is that Madame Foster would have imagined a younger version of herself to manage the foster home, since Madame Foster is too old.

One of the strongest points of the theory is that Frankie never has imaginary friends of her own, nor does the show allude to that possibility. Granted, she acts and seems human, but as far as I know, no one every really questions whether or not Frankie is human.

Now, there are some counter arguments. There was one episode where Frankie actually went on a date, as seen below.

the day

For the theory to work, Frankie would have to either be unaware of the fact that she’s imaginary, or just like humans. The latter works because there have been several jokes within the series where imaginary friends have had crushes on humans.

Frankie is most likely aware of her imaginary origins due to the rule within the Foster’s universe that imaginary friends know who they are from the moment they’re thought up. Also, being imaginary would explain why Frankie is willing to work in a Foster home instead of going to college or pursuing a career. She’s stuck there because Madame Foster is her creator.

But there’s another counter argument…

frankie foster's home

Why would an imaginary friend need a driver’s license?

Here comes my own theory that answers that very question. What if Frankie was the person who imagined Madame Foster?

It’s possible that Madame Foster could have passed away due to old age, and Frankie (who would be heartbroken) may have imagined Madame Foster to prevent anyone from finding out.

It would explain why Madame Foster is so energetic and childlike, despite being so old. Frankie simply can’t deal with the fact that her grandmother is gone, and that would also explain why Frankie can’t move on from her life at Foster’s. The home actually belongs to her.

Do you believe in the Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends Theory? 

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99 thoughts on “The Shocking Truth Behind ‘Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends’

  1. The fact that Frankie has an driver’s license is that Madame Foster, in her younger ages tried to take a driver’s licencense, but didn’t get to, and just got a trauma about that. That’s what she imagines to Frankie, her younger version.

    • I don’t know about that since the license expires in 2007. Madame Foster would have to at least be in her 70s, so her license would be dated decades ago.

    • Also isn’t there episodes of Frankie shown as a kid if so imaginary friends don’t age

  2. I actually found several articles where it said that actually in the end Frankie was an autistic teen who had imagined the entire thing up and Mrs. Foster was her guardian/grandma.

      Please don’t.

    • I’ve heard about that theory too, but I personally don’t find it very convincing. Still an interesting concept though!

    • That was just a theory that was brought up as a parody of the ending to the series St. Elsewhere where the same thing happened. So yeah, no need to worry about that one being true.

    • sigh EVERYONE us autistic in those theories, Ash Ketchum, Timmy Turner, even Vegeta, is the oldest of them all

  3. OMG This is soooo messed up.I’ve learned English from watching these shows on CN .I knew every single episode and still do.Frankie is NOT imaganary.In the episode where Bloo an Mac try to discover the mystery of why the imaganary friends are not on every single picture(the pic that they do every year) Bloo gets the book with the pictures.The pics are from old times.And Frankie is clearly seen there as a little girl.And everyone knows imaganary friends can’t grow older.For example Bloo-Mac wondered what will happen with Bloo once he grows up(Mac).

    • I was thinking the same thing, which is why I added that modification toward the end that Madame Foster is actually the imaginary one.

  4. Madame Foster could’nt have been imaginary because, she is the one who imagined Mr. Harrsion.

  5. Frankie couldnt have been an imaginary friend because she was the one who imagined the Scribbles as a young girl

    • Remember that imaginary friends can also imagine friends too like in that episode where bloo (sorry if I spelled his name wrong I think it’s was blu,bloo,or blue sorry I forgot) was bored because Mack wouldn’t do anything with him and he imagined his copies of himself.

      • Unfortunately, the theory falls apart because Frankie and Madame Foster grew and shrunk respectively in “The Big Picture.” While Frankie grew taller, Madame Foster simultaneously shrunk. I hate being a spoil sport, but that’s the way things are. Even so, I think it’s awesome people are talking about Fosters in 2014!

        • I’m not really sure why this posted under you….

  6. yea frankies imaginary friends are the scribbles.

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  8. Seriously? People still go on about this?

    Frankie CLEARLY is human. Are people forgetting The Trouble With Scribbles? It shows a younger version of her, and in The Big Picture, it also shows a montage of her getting older through the many pictures.

    It really ticks me off that people try and make up these rumors, and that logic of her being “imaginary” is just a load of shit. Frankie is human, was human, and always will be human. That is that.

    • Did you actually read the article? It clearly says he thinks Madame Foster is imaginary, not Frankie.

  9. I think it’s possible that Mame Foster is the imaginary one. The show never says that an imaginary friend dies when their creator dies. Heck, Harriman might also know, and just keeps quiet about it because he can’t bear the thought of being adopted by someone new. The Scribbles and Frankie’s aging leave it totally in the clear that she’s human, but Madame Foster…that’s interesting

  10. It’s not an imaginary friend home at all, it’s an orphanage and home for troubled children. Mac has autism and comes from an abusive home in which his mother has to work two jobs because his father walked out on them, which is why she is rarely home. His older brother Terrance blames Mac for his father’s leaving, as his condition and having another child put a lot of stress on the marriage, and is unnaturally cruel to him. Mac’s condition isolates him from the outside world and he develops an imaginary friend named Bloo. One day as Mac wanders town (he does not attend school) he comes across an orphanage. Neither his mother nor brother believe his stories of the “magical castle” he found that day, and just chalk it up to his imagination. Mac keeps going back to the orphanage’s gates and imagines wild stories of what goes on inside. Because he has never been around other children, he copes with their presence in the only way he can; he views them as imaginary friends. Eventually Mac befriends some children from across the gate and they help him enter the orphanage. Some of the owners of the orphanage know Mac’s back story and they allow him to spend his days at the orphanage so long as he goes home every night. Because Frankie and Mrs. Foster are older he is unable to view them as “imaginary friends”. His view of Frankie, granddaughter of Mrs. Foster, is of her running errands and keeping the house in check, which is what she really does. Mr. Harrison is Mrs. Foster’s deceased husband. Unable to cope with his death, Mac imagines him as a large bunny who still hangs yet mostly limits himself to his office where he runs Fosters.

    • That does explain a lot, however, this ruins thoughts about this cute, funny, (used to be until now) innocent

  11. The imaginary friend boo made alternate versions suggesstiing imaginaries can have imaginary friends

  12. Stay with me here guys so I think that the first theory where Frankie is imaginary could still work.ok so the reason she went on that date and got a driver’s license is because of Madame foster made her do it seem more human.and another reason Madame foster made Frankie get a driver’s license is so when foster has to go somewhere Frankie can take her and not get pulled over and and arrested

  13. Sorry if I wrote something wrong it’s autocheck

  14. I was following this until the end. Are you saying that Frankie-an imaginary friend-has an imaginary friend herself? Or that Frankie is human and she thought of her grandma?

    • Frankie- a human -imagined her grandma because her Mrs.Foster passed away

  15. See this is all bull ftompeople with no lives, it’s just a fun shoe with a great plot, there’s no bull theory behind it. Sick minded nobody’s just like to take th time to ruin things lately.

    • I’d apologize, but I’m not sure what I did that was so offensive. Carry on, I suppose.

  16. The Scribbles episode, as mentioned above by others, clearly eliminates the theory that Frankie is an imaginary friend. Likewise the Funny Bunny episode eliminates the theory that Madame Foster is imaginary. When Madame Foster is seen alone in her room with Mr Harriman, she gets him to do the whole “Funny Bunny” routine by reminiscing about how he used to cheer her up that way when she was a little girl. Why would an imaginary friend version of her still have that memory and connect with it enough to beg him to do it again?

  17. my opinion on the show is that mac is autistic and the “imaginary friends” are the other residents viewed through his eyes hence the strange forms they take.

  18. This is real stupid. Imaginary friends can’t make imaginary friends, pretty sure that’s a rule. Frankie is responsible for a lot of the “Scribbles” from when she was a child.

    • That’s definitely a big hole in the theory, you’re right. Still, I’m starting to wonder if we ever saw Frankie “imagine” scribbles onscreen. It’s been forever since I’ve seen the show. But isn’t it possible that the scribbles would really belong to Madame Foster, and that the imaginary Frankie just “believes” they’re hers? It’s a stretch, obviously, but I think it’s worth a thought.

  19. I thought imaginary friends couldn’t eat. In the episode that Frankie goes on a date she tells Bloo in disguise to eat knowing he can’t. She eats lots of things mrs fosters cookies and other food. Doesn’t that prove she is not imaginary? Just sayin

    • I’m fairly certain imaginary friends can eat. Bloo loved potato chips, Cheese always wanted juice boxes and CHOCOLATE MIIIIIIIILK, bendy stole cookies, and I seem to remember many food related fracases in the dining room and kitchen.

  20. Remember that imaginary friends can also imagine friends too like in that episode where bloo (sorry if I spelled his name wrong I think it’s was blu,bloo,or blue sorry I forgot) was bored because Mack wouldn’t do anything with him and he imagined his copies of himself.

    • I don’t know about Bloo imagining copies of himself, but Mac’s classmates did after Mac took Bloo to school for Show and Tell. Each kid wanted a Bloo of their own, but they weren’t the same, so they dropped them off at the home, giving Bloo a chorus of copies. And Mac the problem of picking which Bloo was the real Bloo to take to the Ice Charades–where the rest of the “Bloos” became the blueberry.

      There was also the episode with Goo, who imagined different versions of Bloo–with Bloo giving her ideas. Her imaginations moves so fast, that she barely thinks of one before moving on to the next.

  21. Hee hee hee, I like thinking that Frankie is imaginary – it’s funny. But maybe she stays because “it’s what you do” – her grandmother took care of her, so she stays and takes care back (instead of finding a ‘career’ or going to college), besides taking care of imaginary friends sounds relatively fun – more fun than my job! I think Mrs. Foster is so childlike because she’s a lovely kooky eccentric! Who else would house all those imaginary friends?! But I know, for some splendid fun, I will consider all these avenues all day now – thanks! (As an aside, our child’s middle name is Bloo and our dog’s middle name is Q. Kazoo).

    • Frankie imagined the scribbles when she was a kid. Two reasons why she’s not imaginary.
      Madame Foster was shown aging in the picture book and she imagined Mr. Herriman. Both are regular people.

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