Disney Is Making An ‘It’s A Small World’ Movie

Remember that time you went to Disney World and saw the sign for “It’s a Small World” after all? Well, I do. I was traumatized enough to remember the weird puppets, murky water and completely underwhelming climax (even for a six-year-old).

I did, however, have the time of my life when I rode it again at the age of 17. My generation in a nutshell.

its a small world movie

So you can imagine my reaction to the news that Disney wants to make a movie based on the attraction. Not only that–they’re planning to turn this into a legitimate franchise. (The news is timely because yesterday was the 50th anniversary for the ride).

Don’t let yourself get too surprised, though. We knew this was coming when Disney struck gold with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which was also based on a theme park ride in the Magic Kingdom.

its a small world movie

Maybe I’m jaded, but I’m having a hard time believing that they can strike gold twice without Johnny Depp, the proverbial pickaxe. His role as Jack Sparrow is what really fueled the success of those Pirate movies, and I’m not so sure he’ll be willing to come back for more with a movie that will apparently have to be about globalization and a one-power totalitarian government (am I interpreting “It’s a Small World” correctly?)

Speaking of talent, Disney is hiring Jon Turteltaub (the director of both National Treasure movies, including the third one that is still in development).

To be fair, Disney is undoubtedly aware that their theme park rides aren’t automatic cash cows, thanks in no small part to the failure of Haunted House, which followed the same formula as “Pirates” in the sense that it relied on star power (Eddie Murphy) to keep audiences coming.

As it stands, I have no clue what the story or basic premise of this “It’s a Small World” could be, and it seems pretty pointless to speculate since it will probably be totally unrelated to the ride.

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5 thoughts on “Disney Is Making An ‘It’s A Small World’ Movie

  1. It should be about a villian who has a model globe and puts little models of people that come to life on it to work as his minions…

  2. Hmm. That seems interesting…not sure how they’ll make that concept work with a movie.

    Like you, on my first ride (and all those after) I quirked an eyebrow at the murky waters. But, even on my first ride, I loved the puppets and the song. I probably annoyed my parents all day after, singing the lyrics…to be fair, 5 year olds do like repetitive songs. 🙂

  3. I’ve only been on the ride as a small child, and I too was traumatized!

  4. First, my family always went on Small World because it meant we could sit down and rest our feet for a while. That was about it. Second, I’m not sure what kind of plot a Small World movie can have – maybe about a future totalitarian state? A heist?
    If they had the ride come to life, it might be interesting.
    Although, I’d prefer a film based on this version of the ride:

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