‘Wreck-It Ralph’ May Be Getting a Sequel

It wasn’t the biggest hit Disney has ever made, but Wreck-It Ralph was still a very important film for a variety of reasons, starting with its ambitious incorporation of video gaming’s pantheon of characters and ending with its implementation of a new set of characters that we ultimately fell in love with.

The movie sold me on the idea of seeing classic video game icons and tropes together onscreen, but a sequel sells me on the promise that I’ll get to once again experience the adventures of Ralph, Vanellope and the rest of the arcade gang.

Well according to film composer Henry Jackman, a sequel is already in the works, though that doesn’t mean it’s official quite yet.

This means that the script is in preproduction, and the future of a potential sequel will be determined by how much faith Disney has in this franchise that took us all by surprise just a couple of years ago.

Wreck-It Ralph was a hit with both audiences and critics, and it managed to overshadow Pixar’s Brave, which was released that same year (though Rango won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature that year).

Financially, however, the film wasn’t as big of a success as Disney probably hoped it would be. It wasn’t a flop, as it did manage to turn a profit, but that means a sequel will be under even more scrutiny, especially because we now live in a world where a movie like Frozen is capable of breaking all-time box office records.

And yet I’m still excited about the possibility of making another trip into the rich world of video games and what makes them so much fun. One of the first movie’s biggest flaws, of course, was that it spent the majority of its time exploring “Sugar Rush,” which was endemic of the film’s budget constraints more than anything.

wreck-it ralph sequel
AKA “Diabetesville”

This time around, it would be great for us to visit more locations with new blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos that made the first film so much fun. The best part is that we’ve gotten to know Ralph at this point, making a sequel a prime opportunity for giving him more to do and new faces to meet.

Unfortunately, speculation is all we can do right now until official news is released one way or the other. Are you excited about the potential Wreck-It Ralph sequel, or do believe it will be game over for this franchise?

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28 thoughts on “‘Wreck-It Ralph’ May Be Getting a Sequel

  1. I really, really loved Wreck It Ralph! The story was just as good as Frozen and Ralph was much funnier (I loved Frozen as well, the soundtrack was spectacular!). Needless to say I am very excited at the prospect of a sequel!

  2. I currently cite Wreck it Ralph as one my favorite animated film of all time (though aware of its flaws I just love it too much to care) so I am extremely excited for the prospect of a sequel. Especially because there is still so much to explore in Ralph’s video game universe.If it is done right this could become a series gamers and movie goers everywhere will love.

  3. Wreck it Ralph is one of the best Disney movies. A sequel would make me & my family super happy!!!! I have several friends who would be ecstatic also!

  4. I am not very sure as to what Disney could do further with Wreck It Ralph as a sequel however I am slightly excited at the prospect of seeing what Disney does do

    • Maybe Cloud and Nathan Drake make a cameo and they could have Sonic and Bowser have bigger roles? I just want to see Bowser and Ralph duke it out.

  5. ralphs gonna make bricks of gold 4X the size of his fists combined

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  7. Ya know what would be awesome? If instead of going to original places, they visited a bunch of video game areas, such as Green Hill Zone, or the Mushroom Kingdom.
    Now, I know they went to Pac-Man in the original, but that was for a very short time. What if they completely centered the entire story around real video games?
    Also, give the game characters bigger roles. I saw Sonic on the movie poster, which made me think he was going to be a main character. I was actually almost ultimately disappointed that he, along with the other game characters, only made cameos.
    Now, I know it would be expensive. But it’s Disney! One of the most successful movie companies of all time. They probably have money coming out of their butts.
    If this doesn’t happen, I’ll still watch the movie. But if it does, I would enjoy it a whole lot more.

    • Yah I agree. I really like Sonic and all you saw of him was on the poster. Also you saw Eggman and Bowser in the bad guy meeting. Maybe make the movie with the Mario and Sonic guys and that I would watch.

    • ….If Sonic appears in a bigger role and Mario appears AT ALL…….that’ll be a joyous game over for me.

  8. Reblogged this on LTROCKS's Blog and commented:
    I hope instead of doing a sequel they should do a movie about Mario and Sonic and I would watch it a million time and I would by the DVD!

  9. Wait, Disney making a sequel? Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Disney made some sequels to their movies and they were all box office bombs. After all of those movies, Disney promised to never make a sequel again, which explains why sequels to their movies are made by OTHER companies. So I honestly don’t think they are really going to make a sequel. But if they do, I want it so the characters travel to real life video games for most of the movie, instead of some generic game the writers came up with. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Ralph went to Green Hill Zone or the Mushroom Kingdom? Or if possible, a real life pinball machine?

    • I must be getting my hopes up, but I wanna see Ralph go to Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft 😀

        • The sequel should be named Rebuild It Ralph 😀 BTW Best blog EVER!

          • You made my day.

      • Yeah, kids love Minecraft and parents think its ok for kids, but I take it back, Disney would never put an M rated game in their movies.

    • Well we do know Frozen 2 is happening. And Disney has learned lately that sequels will make them money thanks to Pixar films like Toy Story, Cars, and Monsters Inc.

  10. You know, Wreck-It-Ralph may also be related to Frozen, if this hasn’t already been pointed out to you. Perhaps Sugar Rush may have been an entirely different world rather than an arcade game. Look at the pile of chocolate Anna eats from in the “For the First Time in Forever” scene in Frozen. Then look at the background when Ralph is travelling with Vanellope inside Sugar Rush in Wreck-It-Ralph. They look similar.

  11. This is the one franchise that I will fanboy over.

  12. Rango actually won Best Animated Feature a year earlier, while Wreck-It Ralph got beaten by Brave.

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