First Walking Dead Season 5 Poster Can Be Summed Up In One Word: Survive



Let’s over-analyze! (Spoilers from season 4 ahead obviously)

It looks like Rick is wearing the same clothes from when we last left him and the rest of the Unbitten (my nickname for the core cast). In the last few moments of the finale, Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, and the new B season characters were captured by the sinister humans running Terminus. They were stashed in a boxcar moments before the season faded to black.

From the look of things, they won’t be in that boxcar for long, as we can see Rick apparently hanging out either underground or in a seriously poor-lit building. The Unbitten seriously have their work cut out for them this season against the villains behind Terminus, who appear to be cannibals (if this is untrue and you know because of the comics, please let us find out for ourselves on our own please thanks!). 

If you recall, there were empty boxes of powdered milk sitting in front of the prison boxcar, hinting that they are the source of nutrition for Terminus’ prisoners. My guess is that they want to kill each person quickly, before they turn, and when they are fit and healthy enough to be sufficient meals. In other words, they have to fatten ’em up.

Additionally, we saw glimpses of cages filled with bones and entrails while the Unbitten were trying to escape the facility. In the words of Cleveland Brown, that’s nasty.

Disgusting and demented, I know, but we are dealing with the desperation of humanity here. With not enough food and shelter to go around, we had to come across this kind of apocalyptic utilitarianism eventually.

Personally, I’m ready to continue seeing Rick unleashed. He’s broken away from his role as the “farmer” and has been ruthless lately, which culminated in his drastic biting off of Joe’s neck in the season finale. Who even saw that coming?

The theme is survive, which has always been at the center of this show, but this season, it will ring truer than ever before. The first season was mostly about Rick finding his family, the second season was about finding a place to survive, the third season was about fighting for the place they found, and season 4 was about building (and ultimately losing) that place into something reminiscent of the life the Unbitten had before.

But season 5? At this point, survival will truly be everything.

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4 thoughts on “First Walking Dead Season 5 Poster Can Be Summed Up In One Word: Survive

  1. First off, it totally shocked me when Rick bit that guy. Did NOT see that coming.

    Second, I had a feeling after Glen opened the gates of Terminus that something wasn’t right. Woodbury and the prison were locked down and they still had security issues, yet Terminus was wide open with no security. I haven’t read the comics, but I instantly felt something was off there.

    This show just keeps getting better and better! If I had a time machine I would go forward to after the show ends so I can watch it all. I’m impatient… In my impatience for Bates Motel season 2, I watched the first season, like, ten times, and the four Psycho movies (the Anthony Perkins ones, not the remake) over and over.

  2. Ever since the beginning of the show, it’s been a constant theme that you don’t trust people. You don’t just let them into your ‘home’ (for lack of a better word), and you definitely don’t invite them to your safe haven – it only creates more problems and more heartbreak (as we saw with the prison). So when I first saw the ‘Come to Terminus’ signs, I knew that something was up. Why would they be inviting complete strangers into their camp?
    Answer: Because they’re cannibals.

    It also might be possible that the car that stole Beth was from Terminus and that they have already eaten her (Although people who have read the comics say that she was taken by a priest).

    And even though the comics say differently, the TV show hasn’t exactly followed the comics exactly (ex. Dale and Andrea are still alive at this point).

    So yes, I very much agree with you Jon!

  3. Looks like he’s in a church.

  4. Here’s what I think…

    Remember how they said that “everyone’s infected”? They always said that the only way to become a walker is to die, But that might not be the case. I think that they all have, how doo I say this, “walker” instincts, causing them to go to the extreme and eat people, perhaps even biting them to get out of danger (hinting to joe). Maybe, the longer you go with the virus, the crazier you get.

    That’s just my theory.

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