Do We Really Need A Sequel For The Incredibles?

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently made it public that Pixar is working on The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3, an announcement that is likely to divide Pixar fans right down the middle.

Why? Because they essentially combined “probably good news” with “bad news.” Cars may make tons of money in merchandising and box office totals, but it’s still Pixar’s weakest link in terms of audience reception.

In other words, most of us don’t really care about Cars. We just don’t.

But The Incredibles is a vastly different story. Considered to be one of the top-tier Pixar films, this movie could actually be akin to Toy Story 2, rather than Cars 2.

Unfortunately, my best guess is that we’re getting another Monsters University, a decent, even good, movie that lives up to the original, but doesn’t come close to surpassing it.

Pixar sequels are tricky business. Toy Story is really one of the few franchises in film history that actually improved with each sequel, so it makes sense that the executives at Disney have faith in milking their Pixar properties during the coming decade. Even the best studios need time to rest, after all.

So I’m going to be cautiously optimistic about The Incredibles 2, if only because the great Brad Bird is once again behind the film, and I have faith in his ability to evolve simple concepts into fantastic narratives (see The Iron Giant, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Ratatouille and oh, the first Incredibles).

If you recall, the world of The Incredibles is rich and ready to be further explored. The film excellently combined vastly different aesthetics: the retro-future technology in an alternate 1960s mixed with superheroes and even James Bond references.

And it would be great to see what happens to the Parr family as a superhero team, a dynamic we actually didn’t see until the third act of the movie. There’s plenty to see here, so a sequel really does make a lot of sense.

What do you think? Will The Incredibles 2 break the Pixar sequel “curse,” or do we have another excellent Pixar trilogy on our hands?

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66 thoughts on “Do We Really Need A Sequel For The Incredibles?

  1. I had heard for sometime that an Incredibles sequel was being floated around, and I share your optimism for its success, though I do sometimes wish, even for film that have sequel written all over them, would be left as stand alone films. However Cars 3? I think the less said about that the better. It’s a cash crop. No further discussion needed. Though I’d love Pixar to completely prove me wrong.

    • I think Cars 3 being “great” would probably be the biggest box office upset in the history of box office upsets.

      • If Cars 3 turns out to be “great”, I will be sitting dumbfounded in the cinema while ushers would be checking my pulse to see if I haven’t died of shock.

      • You say that now but your gonna see people lining up for cars 3. Expecially with the Pixar theory people are gonna wanna see how cars 3 fits in.

        • Firstly, I hardly think the Pixar theory is a pull factor of any magnitude. Secondly, the physical appearance of the cars make them the flimsiest link the the theory’s chain. if anything the incredibles sequel will excite theorists

    • I’d love to be optimistic, but after the piece of sh*t people call “Cars 2”, I don’t think Cars 3 would live up to my expectations.
      Pixar: You have a great track record…until it comes to Cars 2. DON’T TRY TO MAKE CARS 3.

      • So true so so so so so true

    • If they do make a cars 3 I hope it is not like cars 2. That is a totally diffrent thing. Cars killing other cars! Did you see that in the first movie?

    • There doesnt have to be a sequel to the Incredibles because they made a videogame for it

        • Lol I just had to let you know I loved your comment ROFL

    • Let me just say that me and my mom think both cars movies are amazing. And both of us are exited for cars three. And CarsLand in the Disney California Adventure Park was awesome and Cars 2 is in my top 20 movies of all time and the first as well. And not to mention Cars 2 being a spy movie, people go crazy for spy movies. But with all do respect to your opinions cars and cars 2 hold a place in my heart because the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater was the original Cars. so both movies ahve sentimental value to me.

      • I find devoting an entire land to cars a ridiculous idea, no matter how good the movie was.

      • I agree with Keagen. The Cars films are awesome, and so are the Planes movies. I understand that everyone has their own opinion, but there is a line, and I’m sorry but some of those comments (describing the world as s***) really do cross it.

    • I think the first cars was amazing but cars 2, not so much. (Planes just failed.) but My little brother (4) is in love with cars 1 & 2 so Cars 3 will be great for the younger crowd. For the adults I think will be sitting thinking “why make another failure?”. Then remember they aren’t marketing the adults as much as their main clients, children.

      • It’s fun to poke fun at Cars 2 (and I do so quite often). But at the same time, I find myself loving the movie anyway. It has a unique charm, even if it doesn’t measure up to the quality put forth by its peers.

        • I’m wondering do you know when the incredibles 2 will release? We already have release date for toy story 4 but not incredibles 2? And I love toy story one of my favorite movie series but I’m more exited about incredibles 2, we seen 3 story movies , we seen the toys in a variety of situations , I wanna see the incredibles in different places in life , I wanna see it already

  2. Jon I couldn’t agree with you more. When I picked up our 12 year old at school yesterday, he asked me if anything was new. I told him Disney announced Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 and he asked why are they doing those.

    I told him I think the Incredibles will do good. Personally, I liked the original, the story and characters were great. I will be curious of how it will be done in as far as time. Will it be years after the original or just a short time. I’m wondering will The Underminer be relevant? I’m sure he will be included some how and that will get John Ratzenberger his cameo. The only worry I have for it, Marvel has set the Super Hero films bar high, and with Big Hero 6 coming out, I just worry there maybe too much of those films coming out in too short of a period and they may flood the market. Just my opinion though.

    As far as Cars 3, I personally loved the first one, but had no interest at all in #2. When Planes came out, I knew it wasn’t Pixar, but being in the same “Cars” Universe I had no desire to see that one either. They are going to have to really come up with a great story for me to be pulled in to see Cars 3

    • the underminer was defeated in the incredibles DS game I belive,but that does’nt mean he still wont reappear

    • I totally agree but the fact that the incredibles has a video game I think that totally substitutes incredibles 2 and I really hope they don’t just recreate the Nintendo game.

  3. All I want is for Sulley and Boo to be reunited on the screen and all of my hopes and wishes will come true.

    • I completely agree. That’s all I’ve ever wanted since Monster’s Inc. ended.

    • But then there’d be no point to the Pixar Theory which all relates back to Boo being the witch from Brave, cuz the theory is that she travelled back in time to the Dark Ages for the wil-o-wisps for more time-traveling in order to find Sully right? So it’s all one big cycle (especially as time traveling is involved) and if they find each other…that means there so reason for a witch, meaning no reason for Brave to exist, meaning the Pixar theory would be completely ruined.

      • Don’t be such a downer. I don’t think Pixar will take in account the Pixar theory if they ever make another monsters inc. (which they should)

      • Or that monsters inc movie could be the end of the theory.

    • Me, too. At least Pete let is go into Boo (aka Mary’s) room. I would’ve rather have the gist of Mike and Sulley getting stuck in the human world, trying to find Boo for her birthday (original gist) rather than Monsters University. (Movie Gist) 🙁 . I always used to love the fact that Sulley accidentally said “Which makes her my daughter.” -Shine! 🙁

    • My too. I was crushed when they refused to show that scene at the end of Monsters Inc.

  4. I’m a HUGE Disney fan! I have low expectations for Cars 3. Cars 2 was very disappointing for me and my family. I am excited to see the Incredibles 🙂

  5. Cars. It was okay when it came out. The artwork and attention to detail is extraordinary. I even bought the DVD in 2007–but promptly shoved it in a cabinet (away from all my fave DVDs) and forgot about it. Then something amazing happened in 2012. My grandson was born. He was one of those babies who suffered from acid reflux for eight long months. He cried a lot. I don’t know what prompted them to play CARS, but one day his parents sat him in front of the TV and played this amazing movie. I know, I know, kids shouldn’t watch TV at such an early age, but this little boy (and his parents) found relief from the crying and discomfort. Watching an infant, now a toddler, watch CARS is (pardon the pun) incredible! We now love the soundtrack, the story, and the characters. Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater are family. I would not be stretching the truth to say that my grandson has watched this movie at least once every day for over a year. When he was 8 months old and had to be airlifted to a pediatric trauma center for a possible head injury, his mama downloaded CARS to her iPad and we watched CARS for 5 hours in the ER to keep the baby calm. (No head injury, thank God.) A few months back I was doing some deep cleaning and was surprised and delighted to find a copy of the CARS DVD in a cabinet. It now has pride of place on the DVD shelf, and CARS characters and CARS-themed items are scattered around the house.

    Here’s a home video of my (then) 13-month-old grandson play-acting a scene from CARS:

    • Cars is also part of my family , love carssss

  6. I’ve been wanting an Incredibles sequel since I saw the first one and it ended on that cliffhanger. I now throw my hands up and shout, “FINALLY!!”

    • DS game resolved the cliffhanger

  7. An Incredibles sequel with Brad Bird at the helm could be awesome. I’m actually surprised they haven’t done a short with Edna Mode.
    As for Cars 3, hopefully they can take narrative lessons from the failings of Cars 2 and make it work. Although, it appears that as long as it has shiny cars it will do well, based off the box office and tie-in money the first two films have made.

  8. Personally, I have been wanting a sequel to The Incredibles for a long time. As much as the anticipation can overshadow the final product, I believe Brad Bird is the guy who can take this story to the next level in a really fantastic way.

    As for Cars–yeah, no. As much pride as Pixar puts into its films, Disney’s need for merchandising is what’s driving the bus, IMO.

  9. I think The Incredibles 2 may be the next Toy Story 2 but I feel like Cars 3 is maybe going a bit too far. I pretty excited and anxious to see what they do for both.

  10. Do you think The Incredibles’ story will be still mainly about Robert? Maybe they’ll go with one of the kids. And do you think the kids will be grown up? Surely, it will not be about The Underminer. I believe if they dare to make a sequel they must have a good one planned. Can’t wait.

  11. When The Incredibles came out I was studying art in Santa Clarita and many of my friends and I went to a book signing by Brad Bird. I remember that he specifically made mention of it numerous times that a sequel was not planned and definitely not wanted on his end. As much as I wanted the movie to continue on, I think it’s best left to my own imagination. Hopefully he is really behind it and puts himself into it 100 million percent. Anyhow, I agree that Cars sequel sucked and I honestly thought Toy Story should have ended as a solo act too. And while I’m at it, why the heck are there hardly any product or toys for UP? That movie is so overlooked.

    • True, there’s not many toys from UP, but what could they do? The best I can see is them making “Ellie Badges”.

      • They could make dolls, adventure books, shorts…

  12. I think it will be interesting to get a second look. I did love the first cars, but the second was completely pointless 🙂

  13. I think that The Incredibles 2 will be very good if the family is still the same, I mean, I don’t want to find an old retired Bob, a dead Helen, a Dash in his mid thirties, a fat Violet or a teen Jack-Jack. I want the Parrs to be just the way they were in the first Incredibles.

  14. The Incredibles 2 could be good….have Jack Jack be older and have grown into his powers more. Cars 3….that one I don’t know about. I thought Cars 2 was cute and loved that they gave Mater the spotlight for that one (cause who doesn’t love Mater? Would have liked to have been filled in on what happened to Doc though.) but what else can they really do with Cars?? Nothing in my opinion…there is no where to take that movie like there was with Toy Story (rumors of TS4?? Uh…no.). What are they going to do Cars 3: The Wedding???? Leave it at Cars and Cars 2.

  15. If they were to make the Incredibles into a trilogy, I think the third movie would be about JackJack in his late teens or older. Remember his demonic form? Maybe JackJack will turn evil or something somehow. Don’t judge, I’m only 6

  16. The Incredibles 2 makes sense since the ending of the first one left room for a sequel. However, I would much rather see Pixar pursuit a brand new project than wasting time with sequels. As for the Cars sequel – I didn’t like the first one, never bothered with the second one, and I see no point in creating another one.


  17. To be completely honest, making a sequel to The Incredibles has been a long time coming. Seeing as how they already made AND released a video game for it a few years ago. The Incredibles, I think, still is a great movie even after seeing it 50 times. Having another would be icing on the cake.

  18. i’m actually prefer -and expect- young ages of characters. i believe Mr incredible’s father didn’t let him use his power on real world so that’s why he encourage his son…

  19. I think the REAL problem with the Cars series is that it doesn’t appeal to all audiences like the other Pixar movies do. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other ones, but I know tons of little boys who just absolutely adore it. I think that the only reason Cars was such a bust was because we expected it to appeal to us as adults, because every other Pixar movie does/did. But its not a bad children’s movie in the slightest.

  20. I have been waiting for Incredibles 2 forever. They ended the first movie with the introduction of a new bad guy, so I am actually a little surprised that Pixar waited this long.

  21. Incredibles 2 is a dream come true for my dad. He loves the Incredibles. I just hope it is ether a toy story 2 or at least a monsters university. If its a cars 2 it will ruin the franchise for me.

  22. I think the next Incredibles will turn out really well but I think they are really milking Cars. What do they even think they’re gonna do next. I thought they’d just end with the little shorts on disney channel. Even though u liked Cars 2 more that Cars (Lighting McQueen really irritated me for half the movie and I liked how they kicked it up a notch on the sequel and gave Mater the spotlight) I just don’t think you can spring a new movie on a mostly roller emit audience when you have shorts playing so often. It just doesn’t work

  23. I’m optimistic about Cars 2. But i don’t understand why we need a sequel to Incredibles why can’t a story just be left alone.I liked the ending of Incredibles. Also I don’t really like sequels…

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