Indisputable Proof That ‘Frozen’ And ‘Tangled’ Exist In The Same Universe

I say “indisputable,” but what I really mean is “really difficult to disprove because the evidence is compelling” (and who has time for that long of a headline?)

Frozen and Tangled are two animated Disney films that exist in the post-Disney Renaissance slew of films that ended with The Princess & The Frog. They are among the first high-profile Disney films, aside from Pixar, to use computer animation as a means to retelling classic “fairy tale” stories.

tangled frozen
Fan art – Colby Entertainment

Tangled, which premiered in 2010, features the story of Rapunzel. The movie was a huge success, mostly because it brought a new kind of enjoyable movie experience to both children and adults akin to the Disney Renaissance films of the 1990s.

As you may recall, the films between The Little Mermaid (you can also count The Brave Little Toaster) and Treasure Planet were animated films that took old classic icons and modernized them for a new audience.

tangled frozen
The “Disney Renaissance” films according to The Norman Nerd.

Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King (which modernized Hamlet), Pocahontas, Hercules, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Tarzan, Emperor’s New Groove, Atlantis and Treasure Planet all featured established stories with cutting-edge animation.

Then Lilo & Stitch happened—a Disney film that while successful, signaled a departure from the old format. Disney was going for original stories.

tangled frozen
Meet The Robinson’s

For the next few years, Disney would continue experimenting with both CGI and 2D animation, but they would only cover new stories (probably due to the success of Pixar’s original stories).

Valiant, The Wild, Home on the Range, Meet the Robinson’s and Bolt were mitigated successes that ended up being mere shadows of how captivating Disney movies really could be.

Tangled frozen
The Princess & The Frog

This culminated with the release of The Princess and the Frog, an obvious attempt at cashing in on the old formula (revitalizing an old story).The movie was well-received, but it still didn’t have the cultural impact that Disney was looking for—and they knew this a mile away.

That’s why in 2010, Disney threw a hail mary with Tangled, the first post-renaissance film to combine both strategies of the previous generations: computer animation and established storytelling.

tangled frozen

Tangled wasn’t an immediate hit culturally, but it would eventually become a mainstream staple upon DVD releases and the onslaught of meme-generation online. It was a good first start.

But Disney didn’t figure out why Tangled worked before they would make a colossal mistake in 2011, which saw the release of Mars Needs Moms—one of the biggest box office disasters in movie history.

That same year was also when they brought back Winnie the Pooh and figured out that 2D animation just wouldn’t cut it anymore—not because it doesn’t look amazing, but because the tastes of the new generation have changed.

tangled frozen
Wreck-It Ralph

Disney’s next experiment would come in 2012 with the release of Wreck-It-Ralph, an odd case study about a movie where video games come to life. The makers of the film clearly wanted to find a new groove for these movies without having to rip off old properties by featuring…well old properties from video games.

Wreck-It Ralph drew in viewers because it was a fantastic homage to dozens of iconic video game characters, even though it featured an original story and computer animation.

So, does Wreck-It Ralph exist in the same universe as Tangled and Frozen? Well, there’s actually more evidence that they take place in the same universe as The Fairly OddParents

tangled frozen
The Fairly OddParents

Hold on, let’s zoom in a little bit:

tangled frozen

Of course, it’s probably too good to be true.

By 2013, Disney had figured out that original stories coming out under their umbrella need to have something familiar for audiences to grab on to in order to gain momentum in the box office.

And then everything changed when Frozen came along.

tangled frozen

One of the most successful animated films of all time (especially our time), Frozen finally got the Disney recipe right. Based on The Snow Queen, the movie was a familiar, but fresh take on a classic fairy tale.

Of course, it was still successful without having to be instantly familiar to children. Thanks to a viral soundtrack, fun storytelling and memorable characters, Frozen has essentially marked the beginning of a new era of Disney movies, and what is a Disney movie without some universe sharing?

Yes, Tangled and Frozen exist in the same universe for plenty of reasons, but the most important being that the two movies are of a significant recipe that is uniquely different from every other Disney film. Also, I have evidence:

tangled frozen

See that couple in the bottom-left corner of the image? That’s Flynn and Rapunzel (after her hair changes color and length) from Tangled showing up to Elsa’s coronation in Frozen.

It’s clear that the animation style is seamless enough for these characters to show up in the movie without looking out of place, and you can even see that their wardrobe has subtly shifted.

Another persistent theory you may buy into was proposed by this redditor who claims that Flynn and Rapunzel were at the coronation because Elsa and Anna’s parents died while traveling to their wedding 3 years before the events of Frozen.

He also claims that Flynn actually refers to Arendelle as “being nice this time of year,” but I’ve yet to find the actual clip of him saying that in Tangled or Tangled Ever After.

tangled frozen

Another interesting piece of evidence is how similar the settings are conceptually. Tangled is loosely based on the fairy tale about Rapunzel, which takes place in Germany. In the movie, however, their adventures take place in the fictional kingdom of Corona, rather than any real settings.

tangled frozen

In similar fashion, Frozen is based on a Norwegian tale, but it takes place in the fictional kingdom of Arendelle. The idea here is that Disney is trying to build new fictional kingdoms to go along with their adaptations, so you can expect to see more of this in future Disney CGI films.

Going forward, 2014’s big animated movie is Big Hero 6, which is an animated adaptation more similar to Wreck-It-Ralph than Tangled and Frozen due to its ties with “geek” culture (the movie is based on a graphic novel and features fighting robots).

tangled frozen

2015 will be even stranger, with the release of The Descendants, a Disney Channel Original Movie that calls back to the 90s era with the offspring of the protagonists from those films. If you needed more evidence that the Disney Renaissance movies shared a universe, then that should settle the discussion.

Other than that, however, there are no announced projects on the horizon that will continue the post-renaissance film sharing that has begun with Tangled and Frozen…for now.


Some clever commenters pointed out that The Little Mermaid may exist within this universe as well. The theory (which has now been propagated by Tumblr users and promoted by Buzzfeed) is that the sunken ship in The Little Mermaid is the same one that Elsa and Anna’s parents died on when it was lost at sea.

One piece of evidence has to do with the location of each movie. Tangled takes place in Germany, Frozen takes place in Norway and The Little Mermaid takes place in Denmark. In order for Elsa’s parents to travel from Norway to Germany via boat, they would have passed by Denmark. See below:

tangled frozen

I have to admit that this definitely solid evidence (and kudos to you readers who pointed it out in the comments, including my roommate who pointed out the same thing). Of course, the biggest piece of evidence is the fact that both The Little Mermaid and Frozen are based on fairy tales written by the same person: Hans Christian Andersen.

If this is all true, then that would mean Frozen and Tangled exist within the same universe as the Disney Renaissance films, albeit with some new twists to their conceptual design and settings.

Another update: a lot of people like to argue that this is somehow connected to Tarzan and/or Beauty and the Beast. Guys, it’s not. It’s just not.

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268 thoughts on “Indisputable Proof That ‘Frozen’ And ‘Tangled’ Exist In The Same Universe

    • Elsa’s parents are called Adgar and Idun. Tarzan’s Parents are called John Clayton/Lord Greystoke and Lady Alice Greystoke. How could they be the same people?

      • names have nothing to do with it the creators could have made a new name for elsa’s parents and you are not the creator so how are you to know for sure?

        • your right, the sunking ship from the little mermaid that is from when Elsa and Anna’s parents died and Cinderella and Tiana were dancing at the like the ball, wedding whetever it’s called after Anna and Elsa came out and last but not least Repunzel and Flynn Rider were in Frozen while Anna and Elsa were singing for the first time in forever when Anna came out of the caltse she just for a moment looked at them and Repunzel jumped a little bit i think she was scared………..weird……………anyway again your right about everything that was quite inpresive…..good job… the way i’m on youtube make sure you subscribe and commmet and like. Just type in Tony Harke and then you will see alittle girl and maybe a freind so just click one of those.

        • Oh please shut up. Its true. I mean come on that is solid evidence. So shut up and leave the evidence alone.

        • You did ask your stuff the same question stint as you aren’t the creator either 😒

      • Where in Tarzan did they mention his parents names?

    • OMG!!! It all makes so much sense. That would be amazing if it were true and Disney actually said it. It would be also kind of cool if they made a sequel that all the characters interacted a little bit. Maybe the Frozen sequel? Who knows but just this idea and seeing the information is cool enough.

    • What if the king and queen from frozen escaped the ship and got lost in a jungle
      Knowing they could never make it back , they could have made a new life in the jungle
      hint hint the parents from “Tarzan”

      • OMG! I never thought of that! You might be right.

      • They escaped the ship, took a lifeboat from Denmark to Africa, bypassing a number of other countries including their home country, and when they got to the jungle…they swapped hair colours? Seems legit! It’s a good thing the king managed to escape with his moustache comb.

      • I think their ear is different.Its ages also different

      • Actually, someone in the production of these animated movies has confirmed that the parents didn’t actually die in the shipwreck but were washed ashore….hint hint

      • My mind has been blown to pieces!

      • No because the ship was on fire in Tarzan the beginning of Tarzan. The ship in Frozen sunk. Duh

      • That’s impossible. You obviously haven’t seen Tarzan in a long time. They had their baby already BEFORE they got shipwrecked.

    • During the scene in Frozen when the girls’ parents die, you can see for a split second that the ship has been completely shattered by the wave. So it can’t be the sunken ship in The Little Mermaid.

  1. The parents of Elsa made another kid because the floated to shore. And that kids name is Tarzan. But poor Tarzans parents dies when eaten by a wilded cat.

    • Not true. Tarzan was already born. The Queen was not pregnant. The King and Queens’ ship SANK. Tarzan’s parents’ ship BURNED then sank.

      • the queen may have been pregnant before she left and did not say nothing .or maybe the ship never sank what if it just got pushed away to the place were tarzan was born because the ship was never found so..what if they were trying to back to the girls and it back fired and they died? we dont know but you do have a point

        • I have to disagree, because Tarzan’s mother is a red head, and his father has Brown hair. Ana and Elsa’s mother has brown hair and their father is blonde

          • You’re thinking about Jane because they didn’t say what Tarzan’s parents looked like. They didn’t even mention them.

            • uhm… watch the first ten minutes of the movie… they are in it

        • Yeah that’s what I’ve heard xxx

          • That the king and Queen got washed up on shore and had Tarzan xx

            • Yeah that’s impossible and utterly not true.

      • But also The Little Mermaids ship was on fire. I’ve heard that traveling by ship back then would’ve taken long so who knows. The queen could’ve probably been already pregnant, but not enough to see her belly.

        • How does that account for genetics??? And also Tarzan’s father is namedLord Greystoke and his mother is Lady Alice Greystoke. Ana and Elsas father is named Adgar and their mothers name is Idun.

          • they could have changed their names to have a fresh start

            • But who would abandon their own children. Especially when Else still can’t control their powers. I dont know about you, but if that was me and my child was Elsa, knowing what the troll said about my daughters powers could bring great danger of she couldn’t control it, I would go back to my daughter. Not just start all over.

              • First off, Lord and Lady Greystoke have entirely different facial structures and hair colors than Anna and Elsa’s parents do. Secondly, Tarzan would have taken place in 1880-1915 and based on the clothing I’d say that’s about right for the Disney movie. Meanwhile, Frozen takes place in 1820-1840. Also, Tangled takes place in 1780 according to directors so there’s no way Flynn and Rapunzel would look the same (in other words, it’s just a cameo like Scar in Hercules). Lastly, that theory became a thing on tumblr and, if I remember correctly, someone in Disney joked about it but it was just that: a joke.

                • They mention that Tarzan would get to meet Queen Victoria, who reigned until 1901. So it wouldn’t have taken place anytime after that. It most likely takes place before 1882 when Charles Darwin died, because he is also mentioned as someone Tarzan could meet if he were to return to England.

          • How do u no there names?

        • What if the all the ships were connected. I the little mermaid and Tarzan. Prince Eric’s boat was on fire like Tarzan’s parents.

    • Tarzan is in Africa. So if it’s true that Elsa’s parents were traveling from Norway to Germany it’s impossible for them to have arrived there.

      • This is just a comment I can’t prove anything but how do we even know they WERE traveling to Germany? I haven’t seen anything in the movie about it but they could’ve been traveling past Denmark and still not have to go to Germany. They could’ve been heading south to Africa or going near it. However, I guess if The Little Mermaid’s wrecked ship was Adgar and Idun’s…you never know. I wish I could ask Disney. I’m on my phone right now so I may be reading it wrong because of small print…The only thing I knew was Flynn and Rapunzel were in Frozen. I don’t care if you argue with me, I do think it’s very possible Tarzan could’ve been in the movie so let’s just say I’m neutral right now

  2. The little mermaid does not take place in Denmark. We do not have any Palms here, and the little mermaid is far more exotic than Denmark..

    • the original story takes place in denmark, but as metioned in the article Disney made a fictional environment for the movie.. also as far as i know the story takes place by Copenhagen, so the ship must’ve traveled through the small gap between zealand and sweden. a whole other route than what the picture showed.

  3. I think you proved yourself wrong because they have Tarzan and the only jungle remotely close to Norway is in Africa so they could be going to giants wedding possibly

  4. Elsa’s parents ship sank, but the queen and king made it to shore. They had a boy. They built a large treehouse and the leopard killed the parents. The apes took the baby in and names him Tarzan. They taught him like he was an ape.

    • Elsa’s parents set off to sail because they were going to their cousin’s wedding, which is Rapunzel. While they were going there, they got in a storm, but didn’t die. The ship wreck that was under the water where Ariel went was Anna’s parent’s ship. The King and Queen got washed up on an island. Gave birth to a baby boy named TARZAN. It is clear that Tarzans parents are Anna’s parents. Soon after they gave birth to Tarzan they got eaten. That is how it all connects.

      • Also, there’s been proof that the girl from Tarzan is the descendant of Belle from Beauty and the Beast

        • I don’t think Jane could be Belle’s descendant. Belle is French, Jane is British, unless Belle was her grandmother or something and her children married British people. But that’s unlikely. Belle became royalty by marrying Prince Adam, and Jane isn’t royal, her father’s simply a professor.

      • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ARE YOU STUPID!? Tarzan was ALREADY BORN. His mom escaped from the burning ship with the baby (tarzan) IN ARMS. They DID NOT ‘have a child’ they already HAD him!

    • proof huhuhuh thats what i thought

      • Not true. Tarzan was already born. The Queen was not pregnant. The King and Queens’ ship SANK. Tarzan’s parents’ ship BURNED then sank.

        • But, asumming this theory the ship was burning before it sank then once submerged in water the flames would be cooled as it couldn’t be possible for it to be an oil fire! So the ship got struck by lightning which is shown both in the disaster scene in Tarzan and in the waves scene in frozen. So it very well could be te same people also, the photo of Tarzans parents are too close to say that anna’s parents are not also Tarzan’s! In fact the whole time period fits in as well!

          • That may be correct, but Tarzan’s mother is a red head, and his father has Brown hair. Ana and Elsa’s mother has brown hair and their father is blonde

          • And how can the queen become 9 months pregnant and give birth in the TWO week time period that they were supposed to be gone (because we don’t know what day they died on). How can you account for the baby already being born!!???

            • maybe when their ship sank Anna and Elsa’s parents didn’t die they just got to the shore and lived there before having Tarzan however nobody of the kingdom knew that since back in 19th century there were no cellphones so they got them as dead since if you don’t get any news from your family member in few weeks he might be dead too! Also before you ask why Tarzan doesn’t have magic – Anna doesn’t have either!

              • Tarzan’s parents are a lord and a lady. Not a king and queen. LOOK IT UP!

              • they did die! they buried them in the movie!

                • How do you think it would be possible for Norwegians IN THEIR TIME PERIOD would get a body from the ocean floor? You don’t know if they were buried or if those were just stones someone had carved/cut because they thought they were dead? Like a little memorial-not a grave but to keep them remembered?

                  • Actually, When they show the stones at their funral, That’s the same place as Brave soooo, do you think Merida is related to anna and Rapunzel?

          • Elsa’s parents said they would be back in two weeks. It would take much longer than two weeks to get from Norway to Africa…

        • In frozen it never actually showed the ship sinking just the storm so the boat could have caught fire and then sank we don’t really know

          • Um, yes it does. The ship disappears into the waves. Plus, in Tarzan there’s not a very big storm. And in Tarzan they’re right next to an island. And in Tarzan they already had a baby boy ON THE SHIP that was probably a few months old.

    • Your missing crucial facts…the hair color,facial features,and names,idunn and adgar are acient norse names while lord stockholm or whatevers sound so british or something. So i dont think a norwegian in the 14 hundreds would change there to an 18 hundreds british name…plus king adgar read acient norse writing in a book when els froze annas head. so that covers it. thnx bye

  5. I know I put a comment down about how Tarzan’s parents are the King and Queen of Arendale, but that is wrong, I was wrong, and so is everyone else continuously commenting the same thing.
    Elsa and Anas mother would have to have been pregnant when they left to Rapunzels wedding. The ship in Tarzan burned and sank, Tarzan’s mother already had her son when she was on the small life boat going to shore. Ana and Elsa’s parents’ ship sank in a storm, where they were swallowed by a huge wave.
    Tarzan and Frozen are NOT in the same universe.

  6. Perhaps TARZAN and THE LITTLE MERMAID are in the same universe instead of with Frozen.
    Maybe the ship that Prince Eric is on that burns is the same ship Tarzan’s Parents were on. And they may have gotten off on the OPPOSITE side of the boat on another life boat. You never know.
    Just a thought this may not have anything to do with frozen, but with all the comments about The Little Mermaid and Tarzan.

    • Based on the fashion choices, I would have to guess that the Little Mermaid is supposed to take place in the late-eighties-early-nineties dream of the 1600’s Denmark. Tarzan is very clearly of the Victorian England late-1800’s very early 1900’s variety. For Tarzan to have happened before or during the Little Mermaid is darn near impossible.

      • The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Tangled, and Cinderella all take place in the 1800s! Some could be on opposite ends of the century, but I know for a fact that they all take place in the 1800s

        • frozen cant take place in the 1800s because when elsa freezes annas head her dad goes to the book about the trolls and there is acient norse basicly if it were 1800s he couldnt read VIKING letters.

    • I might actually agree with this. Tarzan’s mom has red hair and the dad has brown just as prince Eric and Ariel. Also Prince Eric loved the open sea and Ariel and prince Eric got married on an ship heading out to the sea. Although it doesn’t show this Is it a possiblity that as they were traveling the open seas their ship caught on fire and sank but, instead of them dying they watched up ashore built an new life for themselves and had Tarzan? Remember they had no phones back then either.

  7. wow isnt rapunzel a princess? if it was the same kingdom why is elsa the queen? real question

    • Yes Rapunzel is a Princess, but frozen is not in the same kingdom, it’s in a different place. Elsa is queen because her parents passed away and because she came of age, it was her turn to take over the thrown.

    • Oops, my phone doesn’t know the difference. Thanks

  8. Could Elsa be an early evolved superhero, and that’s how she randomly has powers? That would explain how Frozen fits it with the rest of the Pixar Theory. Also the rock trolls, who know how to stop her power live in the woods, and in the theory wood is how they time travel. If you think about it, Elsa and Frozone from the Incredibles have pretty similar powers (apart from the whole life creation thing), so this could work. Plus, Elsa doesn’t have a partner, so everyone else evolves much later.

    Alternatively, Frozen could have happened first in the timeline, and Elsa could kill everyone off and start her own species, people and animals who sing and dance for her, thus leading on to the original classic princess movies.

  9. something witty and awesome.

  10. I think this theory is true because in frozen the ship got burn and sunk as well as in the little mermaid and in tarzan. Perhaps elsa and annas parents changed theur names after the ship su.k and they became shipwrecked then creating a baby and named him tarzan. The leopard then attacks the parents and tarzan is left all alone until the apes adopt him and take place

    • The lighting is actually BEHIND the ship and it does not ever burn (in Frozen) the parents of Tarzan ALREADY had the baby. Tarzan’s parents have different hair and eye colour from those of the king and queen In frozen. They are NOT in the same universe

  11. Remember the two tough guys from tangled that Flynn betrays? Think about it for a second. Who do they look a lot like? Hans… Same cheekbones, same sideburns, same colour hair, probably not first in line either. So they resorted to crime, how do you think they knew where to go to steal the crown?

    • Hans said he has 12 older brothers… maybe they were not the oldest ones or didn’t want the crown (I mean the crown of the Southern Isles not the crown of Corona they stole) so they became criminals…


  12. oh yeah I can see that! so Hans’s brothers were the criminals? but what were their names again…..

  13. My friends and I have also realized that Hans and Eugene look somewhat alike, and could possibly be brothers. And yes I know Eugene was an “orphan”, but remember Hans has a lot of brothers, 12 to be exact. The parents might not have been able to raise another child and left him at an orphanage.

  14. Anna and Elsa’s parents had to have died because they beried them in frozen

    • they were lost at sea(king adgar and queen idunn)so the they just made a emorial for them but i still dont belive it cause norway to africa is a darn long way

  15. Also, another interesting point that can be brought up is the relationship between Ariel and Hercules- they are cousins, after all. Ariel is a daughter of Poseiden while Hercules is a son of Zeus. Connection!

    • Actually, he dad is King Triton, ruler of the Seven Seas.

      • Her**
        And King TRITON is the SON OF Poseidon, which would make Ariel his granddaughter, and Hercules would be Ariel’s great uncle, not her cousin.

        • Or her great cousin?… One of the two.

    • We’ll actually Ariel is the daughter of kind Triton who is the son of Poseidon who is the brother or Zeus who is the father of Hercules so they’d be like 2nd cousins

      • My theory about this: The Queen and the King from Frozen survived and Went to the Place where the Witch from Brave lives!!! The King and the Queen maybe Think That elsa and Anna is dead! They Try to make Them alive, but becomes fishes… The fishes from a little mermaid!

        • Well at that point you’re combining a Pixar movie universe (Brave) with a Disney movie universe (Frozen), which doesn’t hold water.

          • A while back I posted a comment about Pixar owner Steve jobs selling his company to Disney for 7.4 billion dollars.
            And if some people actually watch the credits at the end of frozen the exclusive producer is John Lasseter who is one of founders of Pixar. So since Tarzan was a Disney film that was released in 1999 way before Pixar was even linked to Disney therefore any movie released before 2006 with the exception of the Toy Story series doesn’t belong in this theory so people stop writing about it.
            Thank you

    • Ariel father is triton and triton father is poseidon so ariels uncle is hercules the son of god zeus

    • You’re chalking “facts” down to theories from fans.

  16. I honestly don’t think any of this is the case. Disney has been cropping out characters from different franchises and sticking them in other Disney movies for years (Stitch is even Jim’s doll in Treasure Planet) just to have the audience play, “Finding Waldo.” It has honestly never insinuated universe connections. Tangled took place in the 1700’s and Frozen took place in the 1840s; the creators said that out of their mouths, thus a legitimatized canon connection (over “Finding Waldo”) is illogical.

    • In an movie commentary for toy story 3 they said they put characters in the movie (in the case of toy story 3 there is a plane that looks like dusty in Andy’s room.) But that doesn’t mean there connected.

      • Toy Story is Pixar, not Disney. This is Disney, so it is not related to Pixar.

  17. There’s no reason why all of this can’t take place in the pixar universe between Brave and The Incredibles. There’s a lot of empty time in there. Not to mention that Wreck it Ralph is entirely about intelligent machines, well, intelligent programming…

    • These movies have nothing to do with Pixar and have no connections at all. They are solely Disney

      • As of 2006 Steve Jobs of Apple computers sold Pixar entertainment to Disney for 7.6 billion dollars so any movies made by Disney are also made by the staff at Pixar as well due to them being owned by Disney. So yes all of the Disney and Pixar movies are made within the same universe in one way or another we might not see the connection but it is there.

  18. The line where Flynn talks about Arendelle is at the very end of Tangled, as the camera zooms out the very last time. It’s been driving me crazy that every post about it leaves that point out and I thought I was the only one who heard it. When I saw Tangled I looked at my gf and said “the f*ck is arendelle” and in Frozen I said HEY I KNOW THAT NAME so we watched Tangled when we got home to be sure. We aren’t looking at him when he says it, it’s not really even full volume. It’s during the last shot as the caera pans out to show the kingdom before the credits.

    • Rapunzel asks him where he wants to go for their honeymoon and he says I hear summer’s pretty nice in Arendelle. I just assumed they were there for their honeymoon!

  19. I do believe that Elsa was the first superhero due to her powers being natural but even thou it may not show this but at some point Elsa has to marry in order to have a err to the thrown guess who she had to marry a normal prince with that in mind if they had a child they would still be super but not fully and as time went on every super within her family would be marrying a normal person leaving their powers to be less. So by the we reach fro zone from the incredibles although he is still a super he powers would be less effective but remember after the fire in incredibles he had to get a drink in order to activate his powers again due to there not being enough moisture in the air. Elsa never had to do that at all. She was born with her powers.
    Just a thought.
    That’s all.

  20. How does “Bolt” get in the Pixar Theory?

    • Either Bolt doesn’t fit into the Pixar Theory or it’s a little something like this: We know that not everyone was a super. (We know this for extremely obvious reasons, as we saw tons of people in The Incredibles who didn’t have any trace of powers) While there’s no actual support that I know of connecting Bolt to the rest of the Pixar universe, it’s very possible that Penny and her mother were just normal people and we didn’t see any supers.

      Friendly reminder that the animals in Bolt that we see talk aren’t actually talking, they’re only communicating amongst each other. There’s even a scene in which Bolt is talking to either Penny or the hamster where the camera zooms out a little and it just shows him barking as opposed to using human speech, which could actually push against connecting Bolt in.

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