Drake and Josh Reunite To Make Us Happy Again

It’s a short reunion, but my heartstrings have been plucked nonetheless.

People have been wondering whether or not Drake and Josh will actually be reuniting for a movie, which is a cruel rumor that keeps me awake at night instead of dreaming about Oprah.

Drake is broke, Josh’s movie career has been lukewarm, and Miranda Cosgrove is actively trying to avoid becoming the next Miley Cyrus. If they did a movie, it would probably be a mere shadow of the once great show, but isn’t it worth it for them to try?

And what would the movie or new show be about? If I was a money-making entertainment mogul, here’s what I would pitch:

After graduating high school, Drake and Josh went to different colleges to pursue their dreams. Drake wanted to pursue a musician’s life, but reality thrusted him into pursuing a degree in anthropology.

Josh went on to Berkeley to become a lawyer, but his failed relationship with Mindy drove him to abandoning his dreams of attending law school. Several years have passed, and Drake has just returned home from joining the Peace Corps after failing to understand what he can do with a degree in anthropology. He finds Josh still working at the Premiere as Assistant Manager. 

The duo reunite to find that Megan is now going to UCLA in Los Angeles to pursue her unclear goals. Drake decides that he too wants to move to LA and finally pursue a career in music, and he convinces a begrudging Josh to join him in “taking LA.”

The only problem? The brothers are broke, so they have no choice but to live with their once torturous younger sister in a sorority house where Amanda Bynes is the house leader. Will Drake finally become a famous musician? Will Josh ever become a lawyer and find himself? Will Megan actually murder her “boobish” brothers? This fall, MTV presents: Drake & Josh Take LA. 

It’s a work in progress.

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7 thoughts on “Drake and Josh Reunite To Make Us Happy Again

  1. I would like to buy your Pixar Theory book! How would I do that?

  2. What a depressing pitch for the beloved characters. Still, it should be made a show, age-relevant like Toy Story; the goal of the new show should be to make us old fans want to cry & die of happiness every time they appear on set.

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