New Promo Confirms “Heroes” Is Returning To NBC In 2015

Titled Heroes: Reborn, NBC’s blockbuster show-turned ratings disaster is coming back for another round with a standalone miniseries.

The 13-episode event series will come packaged with a digital series preceding it, but we don’t know much about the plot or character details yet. Still, we can probably expect some old faces to return or at least be referenced.

Here is the first promo:

You may recall that Heroes was a wildly popular show during its first three seasons, reaching its peak somewhere between the first and second season’s middle. Cut short by the Writer’s Strike in 2007, the second season suffered a plot rewrite that damaged the show’s continuity, a disaster that the writers never seemed to recover from.

By the fourth season, viewers were done. The show became a complicated, boring mess, and the series was cancelled after a cliffhanger in 2010.

But NBC has seen fit to give the superhero show another shot, likely due to the recent success of comic-book superheroes in mainstream movies (think Avengers, and you know where I’m getting at).

One thing Heroes managed to get right was capturing the fun of a comic book, pulling bizarre continuity events that kept us tuning in every week. They lost this along the way, trading interesting characters and powers for recycled plot devices and characters we rapidly got sick of. Not even the salacious villainy of Sylar was enough to keep the show moving.

Will NBC’s revival of the show spawn a new series? That’s certainly the plan, and FOX is definitely trying the same thing out with 24. On the bright side, NBC has had a few years to reflect on where Heroes went wrong and (hopefully) make the changes necessary to put the franchise back in our good graces.

After all, anything’s possible—a lesson we learned from episode 1 of the show in question.

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3 thoughts on “New Promo Confirms “Heroes” Is Returning To NBC In 2015

  1. omg!! so good! I loved this series!

  2. Aweosme!!! I only just started watching Heroes this year. I missed out on it before but I’m hooked. I’m up to the 4th season though which I’ve heard wasn’t the best, but hopefully things work out with this new one 🙂

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