Yes, The Scrubs Broadway Musical Is Happening

In 2012, Bill Lawrence had a tough choice to make. Scrubs had run its course on NBC, only to get picked up and slashed again by ABC after 9 great (for the most part) seasons.

So, Bill decided to just turn the concept into a Broadway musical. And everyone rejoiced!

Actually, many of us were skeptical whether or not this thing would actually get made, but a recent interview with Lawrence as revealed honest-to-goodness details surrounding the upcoming project.

Personally,  I am only moderately excited about this (if I even get a chance to see this). As much as I loved the musical episode in Season 6, I’m not quite as sure how well the show will translate fully.

But if any medium can handle the zany, heart-warming antics of the Sacred Heart gang, it’s the Broadway stage. Handling the hectic, diverse sets that are based on a show where half of the scenes take place within J.D.’s fantasies is just one of many obstacles.

And of what of J.D., by the way? It turns out that Zach Braff is actually helping with the project creatively, according to Lawrence. This is clearly for the best, as having too many similarities with the show would feel imbalanced (how could Zach Braff interact with someone who isn’t the REAL Turk?)

That said, Lawrence hinted that there’s a chance we may see Ted’s a capella band reprise their roles, as they happen to be into musical theater as well. Lawrence didn’t, however, mention Judy Reyes (Carla), who has performed on Broadway.

So, what do you think? Will a Scrubs musical be like Scrubs or Scrubs: Med School (the bad version).

P.S. Community could absolutely get away with the same thing…

P.S.S. Here’s just a sample of the musical goodness that is Scrubs!

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5 thoughts

  1. I’m also a bit skeptical. Of course, I was also skeptical that a medical show could be a comedy, and I was proved wrong.

    And Community could TOTALLY pull it off!! Troy & Abed: On Broadway!


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