The 7 Deleted Songs From “Frozen” That You Haven’t Heard Yet

One of my few complaints about the movie Frozen was that it seemed to be lacking 1, 2 or even 3 music numbers, at least toward the end. So imagine my surprise when I was told that there were SEVEN songs that didn’t make it to the reels.

Fortunately, YouTube exists, so we are able to listen to the songs online and let our imaginations fill the blanks. Let’s listen!

(WARNING: There are some spoilers in this, so don’t keep reading unless you’ve watched the movie!)

1. We Know Better

This first video features the song “We Know Better.” It would have explored more of the background between Anna and Elsa, before Elsa accidentally freezes Anna during the actual first few scenes of the movie.

I like this song because it shows us more of the deep bond the sisters have before Elsa has to become a recluse, making the following song – Do You Want To Build A Snowman – that much more depressing.

2. Spring Pageant

The next song is “Spring Pageant,” which was deleted for a pretty good reason. It turns out that an early version of the movie featured a prophecy surrounding the main characters. I would have liked something like this to explain more of why Elsa has powers – which the movie doesn’t elaborate on – so excluding this song from the final version makes sense.

But it’s still pretty great.

3. More Than Just a Spare

This next song was meant to help us get an idea of what it’s like to be Anna, the “spare” princess. Because she isn’t the heir – Elsa is – to the throne, she feels deep down like a spare.

“More Than Just a Spare” was probably removed because it would have added an extra plotline that doesn’t really get answered later on. That said, it would still make a great plot device to explore in a possible sequel.

4. You’re You

This was originally the predecessor to “Love is An Open Door,” which is the moment that was meant to establish the romantic relationship between Anna and Hans.

Though I don’t prefer it, it does make a deranged bit of sense to hear Hans saying somewhat mean things about Anna that are actually revealing about his true intentions…

If they did keep it, the song would have probably fit in better when Anna said goodbye to Hans before embarking on her journey to save Elsa.

5. Life’s Too Short

I really wish this song had made it to the movie, as it is a far more dramatic representation of the conflict between Elsa and Anna before Elsa accidentally freezes Anna’s heart. In my opinion, it makes Anna and Elsa’s later act of love feel vastly more meaningful.

What especially caught my attention is how Anna tries to get Elsa to put her gloves back on, which makes Elsa flip out “Let it Go” style.

6. Life’s Too Short – Reprise

This next one is the reprise of “Life’s Too Short,” which is clearly the sadder version compared to the upbeat one we just heard. It’s supposed to take place while Anna is freezing and Elsa is in prison.

In my opinion, this is exactly the kind of song that was missing during the final act.

7. Reindeers Remix

Finally, we have the song that was meant to be the movie’s final song, featuring the under-utilized Jonathan Groff. I love it because it would have left the movie on a funny note that captured the fun of the song Groff sings earlier about Sven.

And that’s it! If we’re lucky, these songs will appear in High School plays all over the world for years to come.

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31 thoughts

  1. I know Frozen isn’t a Pixar film, but what do you think about a connection with Elsa’s powers and Frozone’s from the incredibles?


      1. are you serious, pretty sure disney is going to kill you now, considering you just called their most successful animated film since Lion King a pixar film.


  2. That was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Who ever knew? I wish all 7 deleted songs had made it to the movie, especialy “Life’s to Short” & “We Know Better”.


    1. Songwriters mostly don’t do things on purpose. They usually have a reason for doing so. in Do You want to build a snowman, Elsa and Anna become distanced from each other and has a very depressing mood to it when it gets to the end of the song. In the reprise of lifes too short, it contnues the depressing mood that we saw in Do you want to build a snowman as well as a bit of regret for their past actions.The songwriter highlights this in this song.


  3. I love You’re You, Life’s too Short, Reindeers Remix, seriously think it should be at the end of the movie as was planned (don’t know why it wasn’t), and think that Life’s too Short (reprise) should be sung when Elsa’s in jail and Anna’s heart is freezing as was planned as well.


  4. I really wish lifes too short had made it into the movie. The semi-probable reason for its removal COULD be that it mentioned the prophecy. Not very probable but it kinda makes sense. Just think about it…


  5. Wowww…! That was awesome..! But, why they didn’t add those songs in the film…! I like you’re you and life’s too short reprise songs…


    1. Who knows? Could’ve been an issue with producing the songs, or even legal issues we can’t predict. Time constraints are the usual culprit for cutting things, especially when you have to conserve a cohesive story.


  6. If you add life’s too short reprise at the end when Anna is freezing and Elsa is in jail it would be perfect and if you add do you wanna build a snow man reprise at the scene when Anna is frozen it would be nice please make frozen 2 I have cool ideas which will make it top grossing movie


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