The Best Times To Listen To Music – According to Genre

Each Jonre is different. Sorry, genre. Certain types of music (genres again) are best to listen to in the morning, at night, and even when you’re driving.

In other words, your mood is heavily influenced by the time of day, music heavily influences your mood, so picking the right music for the time of day is probably important. Here’s my personal list according to decade, artist, and genre (They don’t necessarily relate with each other).


Early Morning (6am to 9am): 

Best Decade: 60’s Music

Best Artist: Chopin

Best Genre: Soft Rock


Mid Morning (9am to Noon):

Best Decade: 2000’s

Best Artist: Ben Folds

Best Genre: Punk



Best Decade: 80’s Music

Best Artist: OneRepublic

Best Genre: Pop


Afternoon (1pm to 5pm):

Best Decade: 70’s Music

Best Artist: Decembrists

Best Genre: Rock


Evening (5pm to 8pm):

Best Decade: 90’s Music

Best Artist: Adele

Best Genre: Folk


Late Evening (8pm to Midnight):

Best Decade: 2010’s

Best Artist: Mumford and Sons

Best Genre: Hip-Hop


You Should Really Be Sleeping at this Point:

Best Decade: 20’s, 40’s, and 50’s

Best Artist: Fun.

Best Genre: Jazz

Agree? Disagree? Hate me? Well, instead of all that, just add your own suggestions!

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7 thoughts on “The Best Times To Listen To Music – According to Genre

  1. its always a good time for zeppelin

    • I agree…but the BEST time for Zeppelin (at least in my opinion) is during the afternoon when you’re cruising down the highway.

  2. Err, tell me Jon, do you always listen to the music all day long? -___-

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