My Name Is Jon, and I Attack the Internet With Words

My name is Jon and I attack the Internet with wordsAn unfortunate side effect of writing multiple blog posts a day is that you lose track of where your portfolio is going.

I chose that word because it can mean a lot of things; for example: You lose track of what kinds of articles you “should” be writing. You also forget to promote and share posts with your friends and followers because hey, who wants to be annoying?Not me, or you, so there are plenty of fun and engaging blogs I’ve written lately that I haven’t had a chance to share with the people I truly care about – the awesome people who read this blog.

So, here are some things I’ve been writing lately that other people have thought were pretty cool. Check out any that catch your interest and let me know in the comments if you believe I’m going crazy.

How Your Brain Creates False Memories


Is your brain an unreliable narrator? How I Met Your Mother references aside, I prove with science how many of our memories are horribly inaccurate, included with some tips on how to prevent this.

The Mystery & Energy Behind Every Touch


The concept of “touch” truly fascinates me, especially since personal space is more important to me than Pixar movies (truly). So I set out on a quest to learn more about what certain touches mean and what kind of hidden powers go along with them. Read this, and you’ll be hugging strangers on the street in no time…actually, don’t do that.

20 Excellent Websites That Make Your Children Smarter


The follow-up to my most recent viral post, 20 Killer Websites that Make You Cleverer, this one is poised to make people rethink their bookmarked tabs all over again. Only this time, things take a turn for the toddler with my picks for the best children websites the Internet has to offer. Even if you don’t have kids, this is worth checking out in case you want to get back in touch with your inner 12-year-old.

Trailer Breakdown: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


In case you’re looking for something in the entertainment world, my latest trailer breakdown for the return of Caesar Salad will probably make you laugh, cry, or wonder what in the world is wrong with me. I aim to achieve all three.

Is Excitement The Best Way to Defeat Stress and Anxiety?

Classroom: Cute Girl Has an Idea

Worth reading just for the anecdote about my first grade presentation about sea lions. I still can’t believe I got away with publishing that part.

7 Ways to Deal With Negative People


Or you could just skip to #7, which is “Be Sure to Drink More Ovaltine.”

How I Met Your Mother Finale: 10 Questions We All Need Answered


My latest article for WhatCulture! (and the only thing I really care about when it comes to television right now) covers some of the HIMYM questions and references that need to be answered before we all flip out. Since I’ve published this, however, a few have actually been addressed in  recent episodes!

7 Creative and Effective Ways to Make Money on Twitter


With sponsored Tweets and clever marketing, you can leverage Twitter to do wonders for your cash flow. Granted, you probably won’t be like the guy who makes 6 figures off of his Twitter alone, but you probably have the creativity and work ethic to make something great out of this social network.

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