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captain america winter soldier

Good marketing Marvel. Releasing the Captain America trailer just a few weeks before your “let’s hope to God this sticks” premiere of Thor’s first sequel was a good move, getting fans hyped and movie bloggers over-analyzing.

Speaking of shamelessly breaking down trailers, let’s talk about the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer, which was actually 83% better than I thought it would be, as Barney Stinson would claim.

Before we get started, here is the full trailer:

Let’s not waste anymore time than we already are!

Okay, that was for me. Seriously though, bring it on Marvel!

Okay, before I invite the fury of the Internet, I’ll point out that technically, Captain America and Black Widow do have a romantic relationship in alternate universes, though they don’t in the mainstream comics. Of course, Marvel can do whatever they want for the movies, so it’s irrelevant. Clearly there’s some flirting going on here, and I’m 1000% certain there is no “Karen from statistics.”

At least that’s how their conversation should have went. Apparently Captain America’s shield can even defy the laws of gravity and riptide.

Ah yes, Robert Redford plays Alexander Pierce, a major player in the S.H.I.E.L.D. ranks. We’ll talk more about him later. For now, he’s explaining some things we’re not listening to while being distracted by this…

The speech is basically that S.H.I.E.L.D. is engaging in some shady spy work in order to adjust to the new world that knows about superheroes and the veracity of Norse Mythology. In the comics Pierce is normally associated with HYDRA and has worked with Iron Man. I’m not aware of any ties he’s had with Capercrombie.

Oh, and The Falcon A.K.A. Sam Wilson A.K.A. Anthony Mackie A.K.A. that guy from Hurt Locker finally gets his “Hey, I’m in this too” moment. Unfortunately for that guy from Hurt Locker:

Unless, of course, that is actually Nick Fury. I can’t tell due to the distance, but later developments in the trailer point to this being him. If this is Sam Wilson, however, we could have a pretty boring origin story for the Falcon. Fingers crossed.

And he’s right. Clearly, the trailer is showing us way more S.H.I.E.L.D. than ABC’s Tuesday nights could even dream. The benefit of this is that the lore surrounding S.H.I.E.L.D. and “The Secret Avengers” (famously composed of Steve Rogers, Black Widow, Moon Knight and more) is ripe for some solid storytelling, especially with a grounded character like Captain American Eagle.

Fury is HURT. Emails will be sent. We’re now seeing the craziness surrounding “The Winter Soldier,” the big bad for this movie. I won’t spoil who he is, in case you somehow don’t know yet, but I will say that he is a character we’ve seen before in the Marvel movies.

What’s interesting about having him as this over-the-top villain is that his conflict with Steve Rogers will be surrounded by shady, drama-injected spy thriller goodness. It’s an interesting combination of big set pieces and a gritty backdrop, making wonder if Christopher Nolan will show up in the credits.

That would make a great gif. Anyway, cue action scenes!

“NOT THE HELICARRIER!” yelled everyone watching this trailer. Yes, they decided to get rid of one of the few things mainstream audiences like about S.H.I.E.L.D. No wonder they hired Robert Redford.

And that’s the trailer. I liked it, though the quick editing made it seem really chaotic, especially if you compare it the more slowed-down trailer for Thor: The Dark World.

Now that we’ve analyze this thing to death, let’s answer some questions I hope we all have:

1. Will HYDRA be a central aspect of the film?

2. How will the movie justify Robert Redford in such a tertiary role?

3. How will The Falcon “get” his powers, if at all?

4. How much sexual tension will there be between Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye?

5. See #4.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014. Which, by the way, is pretty early for a Marvel movie. Usually they do May. Whatever.

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5 thoughts on “Trailer Breakdown – Captain America: Winter Soldier

  1. Loved this tongue in cheek breakdown of the Captain America trailer, plus it also gave me an opportunity to see the trailer again. The first time I saw it, there were way too many things happening in there to figure out what the movie was about.


  3. actually Caption America and Black widow did have a relationship in the main comics I sagest you go back and read the comics over again, granted it wasn’t this early into the comics but hey they are movies and they don’t have time to make every single issue of the comics into a movie.

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