The Critics Speak on “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2”


What do the critics think about the sequel to a movie that left them somewhat divided 4 years ago? What are all of the things that they’re saying actually mean? Let’s review.

It is the inventive design of the many creatures that feels so fresh. The detail is so rich, and so dense, that you wish some of the frames would freeze so you had more time for savoring. – Betsy Sharkey (Los Angeles Times)

Translation: This movie is difficult to watch if you’re starving.

Kids will chuckle, for sure. But parents who were pleasantly surprised by the original film’s intelligence will miss Lord and Miller’s guiding hands, as what once felt so funny now leaves a stale taste. – Sean O’ Connell (Washington Post)

Translation: I actually found the first film intelligent. 

The sequel quadruples the recipe, with gags on top of gags on top of gags in a way only animation could achieve. Like a foodie “Jurassic Park” conjured up by Tex Avery, “Cloudy 2″ is a sight to behold … as long as your brain hasn’t turned to mush by the halfway point. – Matt Patches (

Translation: Why isn’t there an animated version of “Jurassic Park?”

Whelk, I hope the makers of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs earned a nice celery, but I’m afraid they made a hash of things. A hash seasoned with soy sauce. – Kyle Smith (New York Post)

Translation: I literally don’t even know what to say about this movie. 

It aims to entertain, to offer a few tame chuckles for parents and children to enjoy in a purely Saturday-morning way. And it accomplishes that. – Mike Scott (New Orleans Times)

Translation: It is what it is.

A humorous yet unfocused romp, so unwilling to settle on a single theme that hyperactivity medication should be handed out with the 3-D glasses. – Peter Hartlaub (San Francisco Chronicle)

Translation: I really don’t understand the point of kids’ movies.

This sequel strenuously works to form a total inversion of the first movie’s relationship with food. – Eric Henderson (Slant Magazine)

Translation: It did what sequels do. 

Cloudy 2 is loud, weird and chaotic — just as kids like it. – Jordan Hoffman (New York Daily News)

Translation: It’s awesome.

4 thoughts on “The Critics Speak on “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2”

  1. I loved the first one, and if Wikipedia is to be believed, I’m pretty sure the last one was also accepted well. 😕

    Not sure what to think of this yet. It could either be a good film, or leave a sour taste (excuse the pun).

  2. Loved the first Cloudy- Don’t even want to see the second because I’m sure It can’t keep the pace

  3. Loved the first, hated the second. It’s that simple. “It did what sequels do” is totally accurate.

  4. I saw the movie. It’s amazing. Would be even better while high.

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