5 Theories For JJ Abrams’ Mysterious “Stranger” Trailer

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 2.58.05 PMJJ Abrams, director of the recent Star Trek movies and upcoming Star Wars sequel (AKA the busiest person ever), recently released a mysterious trailer simply called “Stranger.”

The trailer is black-and-white, confusing and shows a man with a stitched mouth staring at us with horror-movie eyes. Speculation has erupted (at least in my mind), which is all part of Abrams’ classic marketing ploy, which he calls ”the mystery box.”

That said, I have 5 barely concrete theories on what this movie is actually about. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out below:

5. The Twilight Zone

Back in June, Abrams’ production company announced they were making a mini-series based on one of the last scripts of The Twilight Zone, which could be called “Stranger.” They have not yet announced the story or details for this production, making this a top contender.

4. S

In October, Abrams is coming out with his first book (co-writing at least) and it’s called S. We know little about it, but here’s a clue courtesy of the publisher:

”In his first-ever idea for a novel, Abrams conceived of and developed a multi-layered literary puzzle of love and adventure. At its core, we have a book of mysterious provenance. In the margins, another tale unfolds: hand-scribbled notes, questions, and confrontations between two readers. Between the pages, online, and in the real world, you’ll find evidence of their interaction, ephemera that brings this tale vividly to life.”

That last line mentions evidence found “online,” which could explain this YouTube video.

3. Believe

It’s possible that this is a tease for Abrams’ upcoming sci-fi series on NBC about a supernatural girl and her bodyguard (who just escaped prison) dodging “evil forces” out to get them.

2. Frankenstein

The black-and-white motif, the stitched face and the “men are erased and reborn” line all point to a possible remake of Frankenstein, though there’s nothing official about this project yet. We know that this can’t be The Crow, since that movie is already coming out next year apart from Bad Robot.

1. Cast Away 2: Wilson’s Revenge

The end of the trailer says “Soon he will know.” Will+Soon=Willsoon. Willsoooooooon!!!!! Science.

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8 thoughts on “5 Theories For JJ Abrams’ Mysterious “Stranger” Trailer

  1. I’m a wimp. I don’t watch too many suspense-filled movies. I may have nightmares just from watching the trailer!

  2. I’m… strangely inclining toward the Wilson theory, “Know he Will soon”.
    Yep. Pretty much.

  3. God theories. I have another one…I googled superhero with mouth sewn shut. On wikipedia, I found an article about Captain Marvel Jr. who later becomes Shazam (after having his mouth sewn shut). It’s worth further exploration.

  4. the mouth sewn shut thing tells me x men or wolverine, it’s not as plausible as your 5 but it’s what I think of when I see this

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