What Critics Are “Really” Saying About Kick-Ass 2

The early reviews for Kick-Ass 2 are already out people and friends! You know what that means: It’s time to translate critic-speak so the rest of us can actually find use from their oddly chosen words.

Let’s roll.

…but in a film whose heroine is a 15-year-old girl beating up a bunch of bad dudes, that’s not just bad taste — it leaves a bad taste. -Cath Clarke (Time Out London)

Translation: I felt bad for being sexually attracted to a 15 year old girl. 

For cleverly observed satirical barb or gritty, real-world dilemma, there’s an equivalent, jarring misstep into lazy cliche. -Matt Risley (Total Film)

Translation: There were parts of it I didn’t like, so I don’t like the whole thing.

A more modest success than the first Kick-Ass, but still of-a-piece with its scurrilous predecessor. -Owen Williams (Empire) 

Translation: The first one was better.

To call your film Kick-Ass is to work on the assumption that your audience is excited by the prospect of having their asses metaphorically kicked. -Robbie Collin (The Telegraph)

Translation: My boss forced me to watch this. 

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1 thought on “What Critics Are “Really” Saying About Kick-Ass 2

  1. I like those translations! Reading film reviews would be so much easier (and funnier!) if written that bluntly 🙂

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