New Details Emerge on Pixar’s “Inside Out”

As most of you know, I am a Pixar fanatic, so I take advantage of any excuse to talk about Pixar movies.

That said, we’ve learned some great insights into the story of one of Pixar’s newest projects, Inside Out, which will be premiering in 2015. 

The movie is being directed by Peter Docter, the director of Monsters Inc. and Up, two of Pixar’s best films yet, so the anticipation is high at a time when we’re used to sequels and prequels from the studio.

Recently, at the D23 Expo, Docter revealed some new story details on what we can expect from this movie. He explained that the movie centers around a young girl named Riley, and the movie is about her emotions being personified inside her mind.

The characters in the image above are these emotions. They are Fear (Bill Hader), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Joy (Amy Poehler), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Anger (Lewis Black, because of course).

The emotions work inside Riley’s brain and are able to see what she sees. Their “job” is to regulate her emotions. In the story, Riley moves to San Francisco, and as her emotions are heightened, Joy and Sadness are exiled to the deeper recesses of Riley’s mind.

These recesses include areas of memory, dreams, abstract thought, a “train” of thought, and even a Disney-like Imagination Land. Meanwhile, Fear, Anger and Disgust have to run Riley’s emotions while Joy and Sadness are gone, which is probably the bulk of the movie’s comedy.

And that’s about all we know so far. The movie looks refreshingly original, something Pixar could really use right now.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until June 19, 2015. 

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21 thoughts on “New Details Emerge on Pixar’s “Inside Out”

  1. I could not agree more with your sentiment that this seems “refreshingly original.”

    “Inside Out” will hopefully be a return to form for — what is to me — the greatest and most reliable film studio.

  2. This movie will be great!!! Pixar will do a great job, as always.

    • I’m excited too, but the ’emotion people’ seems similar to Teen Titan’s Raven who had ’emoticlones’ of her own. It’s not bad or anything, I can’t wait! Just something worth pointing out.

  3. This is great and all, but how does this tie into the Pixar Theory?

    • I doubt this is correct but Riley could possibly be the real name of “boo” from monsters inc. since boo grows up looking for sulley… Think of all the emotions she must have gone through!

      • Well, her real name is Mary, so that couldn’t be. (It is shown on one of her drawings.

    • The emotion characters could be an experiment by BNL to see if they could control emotions from within the mind, with Riley being one of a number of children being experimented upon (either with or without the parent’s permission). The goal, of course, being shiny happy people living under BNL’s care.

      Could imply that BNL is aware that things have gone awry in their attempt to satisfy humanity by catering to their every want (maybe the human population is beginning to drop off, due to consumerism getting in the way of love and procreation?), so they try to amp up certain emotions in a BNL-mediated attempt to make people less materialistic while at the same time contentedly under BNL’s rule.

      It also appears that that experiment fails, since Joy and Sadness (the two emotions most closely related to love) get shunted away while Fear, Disgust and Anger get to rule the roost. This would seem to lead to the development of Axion as a “Plan B” or a “Last Resort.”

      • That reminds me of Equilibrium 🙂

  4. Reminds me of Lizzie McGuire inside alter-ego.
    Also, how many possibilities that the girl is Boo & she’s all messed up because she’ll never see Sully again?

    • Not many since we know Boo’s real name is Mary and this girl is a “hockey loving teen from Minnesota who moves to San Francisco.” I don’t see a connection there directly, but they could possibly related in another way.

  5. What if!? And I say that for fun. What if Riley is Boo!? * ^ *
    It would be crazy


      • O my gosh if Riley was boo that would totally rock

  6. Herman’s Head, folks. Seriously.

    Which is not a bad thing, as those comedians went on to bigger and better things (the Simpsons etc).

    • lol i think you need more than 1 example to say etc

  7. Can’t wait to see the impact this will have on The Pixar Theory!

  8. Hi can’twait till tthis comes out

  9. anyone remembers Hemans head

  10. I honestly think that their will be a character in this named Mary who is a school friend of Riley. (This means that Mary would have to live in California through.) But I have problems with seeing how this fits into the theory.

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