Let’s Break Down the New “Thor: The Dark World” Trailer

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The new trailer for Thor: The Dark World has just come out and unsurprisingly confused moviegoers everywhere. Luckily, screenshots and sarcasm exist, so I broke down what I got out of the whole thing.

Here’s the trailer first, and then we’ll have an honest discussion:

The trailer kicks off where the last one left off, Thor approaching his evil brother, Loki, for help.

After all this time…now you come to visit me brother. Why? To mock?

For some reason, Lowkey doesn’t seem very keen on this battle-plan and takes it out on the appliances. Harsh.

So the starcrossed brothers agree that they hate/don’t trust each other and officially join up. I like the idea, especially since Lowkey and his hair have been well-loved by Avengers fans.

Odin/Anthony Hopkins begins narrating, because thank Asgard, and tells us that things actually existed before things.

Some believe that before the universe, there was nothing. Well, they’re wrong.

Apparently, this darkness hates London, because that’s where all this vague, evil stuff is happening.

We see the only comic relief from these movies looking pretty serious (unfortunately) as darkness ship approaches. Also, we get a look at Darcy’s boyfriend, Ian Boothby. I don’t really know who this guy is from the comics or if he’s significant. Let’s just hope he doesn’t die that quickly.

Apparently Ian is British.

Thoar shows up and makes eyes with Jane, presumably telling her what the trailer makers refuse to tell us (what’s going on). Then he whisks her away on a rainbow and stuff.

She probably said something like, “Hey this seems pretty dangerous,” but that’s definitely not enough to dissuade Thoar from hanging out with Natalie Portman, so.

We then see a steel pod. No idea. Even Idris Elba comes on the scene and points out how unnecessarily mysterious this movie is.

But Thoar claims that there is someone who knows who the villain is, and that’s Lowkey. Because apparently villains friend each other online.

We then see the ThunderGodFriends each displaying how much they don’t like their former comrade, which is the highlight of the trailer. Even Sif-ylous gets a jab.

When is she getting her own movie again? Oh and Jane Hostage gets a slap in.

Aside from Sif-ylous looking overly worried in the background and Lowkey apparently being turned on by pain, the trailer transitions to the soundtrack-fueled action scenes.

There’s a waterfall which is pretty cool. Everyone is on a boat. Oh, and the Drell make an appearance as the villains!

The villain starts talking (probably the guy who played the cop in Bridesmaids) and tells Thoar that his awesomeness isn’t that awesome because they’re going to do bad things.

Then something surprising happens after a slew of confusing action scenes. Jane Hostage is back with her friends (stockholm syndrome?) and reveals what the villain’s actual goal is. This is huge people.

Because whatever.

Then Thoar fights the Drell from the London part of the movie that they skipped earlier, thank Asgard, and we’re treated to an extended scene of Thoar going Indiana Jones on this dude.

Thoar turns him into a bunch of rocks thanks to his hammer being magic and then he says something that isn’t actually cheesy.

Overall, I liked this trailer a lot. We got to see more of the London setting and interactions between the main heroes and Loki (okay I’ll say it right).

What’s looking good is the movie’s willingness to thrust the side heroes into bigger roles. Sif gets more screen time, and we even see Thor’s mom fighting. Also, using Asgard as the backdrop for most of this movie lends to the strengths of this adaptation.

After all, the stakes have to be high for the God of Thunder, and we need a reasonable explanation for why none of the other Avengers will show up, which Iron Man 3 managed to pull off pretty well.

I do have several questions however…

1. Will Jane slap Sif as hard as she did Loki when they fight over Thor?

2. Will EA sue Marvel for ripping off Mass Effect?

3. How will this movie affect Tom Hiddleston’s dubstep career?

Thor: The Dark World will be hitting theaters November 8. 

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Break Down the New “Thor: The Dark World” Trailer

  1. I’m looking forward to this one, though the late year release does cast some doubt and leads me to think that the studio doesn’t have a lot of faith in the film. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

    • Actually early November is pretty solid for movies, at least in the fall (Catching Fire is coming out that month as well). Marvel planned this release ahead so it wouldn’t compete with Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.

      Plus, Marvel is probably pretty confident in their movies to sell outside of the summer rush, but we’ll know for sure soon!

  2. Could you tell me, what font that u use for that photo?

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