We Should Give “Hancock” His Own Superhero Team


As much as we love The Avengers and the idea of The Justice League hitting the big screen, Columbia Pictures should roll out an original stream of movies with Will Smith leading the way.

Just imagine a slew of movies with new, original characters redefining superhero movies for this fresh decade. The mythology of Hancock is unburdened by the expectations of comic book lovers, and the idea of superheroes applying public relations to their “job” is ripe for great stories.

We already know that Will Smith wants to come back for Hancock 2, which would revitalize his faltering career. Sure, the first movie wasn’t perfect, but it was still entertaining and set up a universe of movies with potential.

And the flick made money. At a budget of $150 million, the movie made over $600 million worldwide. A sequel would surely do better now that people know who “Hancock” is, and if the promise of a new continuity featuring new superheroes is behind it, the buzz could carry this franchise to new heights.

Listen, I love comic book movies and adaptations, but there is a fatigue I’ve been experiencing with them that I can’t ignore. To get you excited, here is an example of what I can come up with on the spot for this franchise:

Hancock II: Struggling to change his ways as a crime-fighter in New York City, Hancock faces a new enemy with powers similar to him. He discovers that this villain, simply named “Richter” (which means judge), has come to eliminate all of the fallen angels (like Hancock) and their offspring. Unable to handle him on his own, Hancock enlists the help of his first sidekick, a genius super-fan with amazing inventions named Blaine.

Yeoman: in Hancock II, Yeoman is one of Richter’s celestial soldiers, a dead human that serves angels in the afterlife. Hancock and Blaine free Yeoman from his servitude, and he escapes to Earth to start a new life. While on Earth, he discovers he is now half-ghost, and begins developing supernatural powers that put him at odds with the Grim Reaper.

Corintha: It’s been 1 year since the events of Hancock II, and a catastrophic event is on the horizon, as warned by Richter. The fallen angels around the globe have been joining forces to start a new rebellion against mortals, and there’s only one way to stop them. Mary (Charlize Theron’s character from the first film) knows this and seeks out Corintha, a being that can control space and time. The only problem is that they are being pursued by the leader of the rebellion, a half-angel named Ashford.

The Arbiters: A great war is coming between fallen angels and the mortals of Earth. To prevent great destruction, Hancock assembles a team of unlikely heroes, including Blaine, Yeoman, Mary, and Corintha. The five of them are joined by Richter, who renounces his role as the judge.

And that’s my idea for a Hancock universe. We have a diverse group of powerful heroes with different stories, but common themes. The idea of them taking on surnames instead of “superhero” names speaks to the conflict of identity that is approached in each film. Hancock II is about a loner becoming a leader, Yeoman is about an outcast trying to fit in, and Corintha is an epic about powerful angels.

For the record, I just made all of this up on the spot. Imagine what professional screenwriters could do with this…

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7 thoughts on “We Should Give “Hancock” His Own Superhero Team

  1. I dont know dude, maybe they should just hire you – or you should consider actually getting into writing scripts. (also I have absolutely zero knowledge on the difficulty on getting into that)

    But I recently stumbled upon your site and read your article on justice league movie and what movies should come as a followup. If you havent seen/heard, check this out http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/07/20/report-supermanbatman-movie-planned

    Lastly, big thumbs up to you buddy, havent been a follower for more than 2 days, but you are already on my pages to check daily for updates. Hope you keep doing what you doing, because you are great at it 🙂

    Love from Denmark ^_^


  3. Hey this is zek what do you think about Batman vs captain America who wins? And DC vs marvel battle. I’d love to hear your thoughts in it.

  4. I know this is an old post, but I just came across it. I likewise once wrote my ideas for a Hancock sequel, which also involved introducing brand new original (and racially diverse) superheroes (although, unlike you, I did specifically come up with an hero ideas, just speculated on who some of the actors playing the new heroes could be). Feel free to check it out:


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