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Reading the headlines each day can be a chore for on-the-go users. Here’s why I recommend as your go-to news curator. 

Think of Clipped as a combination of Flipboard and Summly. The app, available on both Android and iPhone, aggregates content based on your Twitter or Facebook (I recommend using your Twitter) and produces a list of headlines summarized for your pleasure.

Like Summly, each news article contains a summarized version of the article. Clipped uses a complex algorithm to make three bullet points for each headline that captures the most important information.

Why is this fantastic? You’re able to browse through headlines and get a great picture of what each story is about without having to click on a link. You just scroll.

This is my favorite way to consume the news because it allows me to sift through articles faster, and I’m less likely to miss out on a good story.

Also, you can search for keywords and hashtags to discover more articles, which I found pretty useful as an avid Twitter user. That said, I’m not sure how this content machine will serve someone who does not use Twitter as heavily.

Overall, the app is easy to use, beautifully simple, and totally free (for now). I highly recommend you take it for a spin.

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