7 Ways to Get The Day Off

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We all crave those days when we can just take a day off and recharge our batteries. For most of us, these are “personal days” that we use with discretion.

If you’re desperate, however, you can always turn to alternative excuses that you can present to your employer.

Such as:

1. It’s raining and you’ll melt if it touches you.

2. God told you not to work today.

3. You had a sudden urge to make pancakes and it just can’t wait.

4. There is a hostage situation in your living room involving a giant spider, a Nerf gun, and an upside down empty glass.

Other times, you are already at your place of employment, so getting out of work for a day is a little trickier. Luckily, you have several other options.

Such as:

5. You’re secretly a spy and the CIA called with a lucrative mission and that’s all you can say. Other than you need the day off of course.

6. There is a strange humming noise coming from outside and you have to go check it out. But it takes all day to find it. And if he asks, tell him it was a giant cicada threatening to tear the office down. “Needless to say he won’t be bothering us again, sir.”

7. Finally, you’ve been contacted by the mafia who have been trying to extort your part-time job of managing a bakery, so you need to leave the office and retaliate, Gran Torino style.

What’s the lesson here then? Don’t be lazy and try to get out of work. Your excuses usually sound just as ridiculous as the ones above.

*Above excuses were written courtesy of SituationallyOpal, a free-thinking college student who has perfected the art of creative day off excuses.* 

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