Are Millennials Addicted to Smartphones? [INFOGRAPHICS]

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The legends of tomorrow are in their infancy today. Will you be one of them? Or are you twiddling your thumbs on your smartphone instead?

Folks like to hate on Generation X for being the “slacker” generation. I have a feeling millennials en masse are heading in that direction about 30X faster.




3 thoughts on “Are Millennials Addicted to Smartphones? [INFOGRAPHICS]

  1. Great article. I went dancing last night to a club with a bunch of my friends I hadnt seen in years, all over San Francisco, smartphone central, and this club was playing great music, overly fire hazard packed, yet there you had tons of people – sorry grown up children dancing with a Coors light in one hand whilst sifting though old text messages and taking constant, selfishes, sorry selfies with that annoying blinding light totally distracting and ruining the experience for many people. Many people who have been patrons at this particular club since these people were watching Rugrats, long before the smartphone showed up there. I found the experience lame, and more importantly, I will never go back to a place I have gone for years, since the owners are to chicken sh\t to say no cell phones on the dance floor, and since younger people are to stupid, and lack basic common sense in deploying their cell phones at a blaring house or any other music club. Those people were constantly trying to dance, yet their attention is on a small screen, moving with the skill and grace of a drunk driver, and what happens? They run into people trying to dance, spill drinks and come across as so disgusting, so lame, so amateurish, and so extremely pathetic. One day Im gonna grab one of these little sh\ts phones and smash it on their face.

    I’m 10 years older than these people. Almost the same generation, but not, am from a time of extreme social awareness, not corporate brand loyalty, that resulted in the movie Fight Club, come from a time when we had the first cell phones – the ones used purely for calling and texting – which these people were also around for. Pretty much used the same video game consoles, the same PCS/MACS, watched the same movies, came from different shows we watched as kids, but not that different, and both have been around since the dawn of the internet, I was around 14 when AOL surfaced. I know they were born into AOL, but these people seem to act like they live in the TRON universe. I know I’m not alone in thinking this. But is it really that hard to conceive that you are being rude and totally douchy when you go out, and you take out your stupid device, instead of, ya know GOING OUT? I worked for some of these tech companies, many that hire millennials as lower lever employees, many that are “founded” by a millennial, yet there is no difference regarding what they think of millennials – sheep with money. You guys are the next generation, don’t let something small and plastic be your contribution to history.

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