Top 10 Fun. Songs

Like Fun.? So do I. I’m such a big fan, actually, I wrote an entire screenplay based on their music.

Don’t worry, I’ll rewrite it about 100 times after it gets rejected, but expect to see my Fun. musical hitting the market within the decade.

Anyways, we all love lists and using opinion to dictate interest, so I thought I’d make another Top 10 list for one of my favorite bands yet again.

Keep in mind that I’ll be leaving The Format (the band’s predecessor) off of this list to keep things simple. Also, this is just my opinion, not a feign attempt at being objective. The point of this list is not to say one song is better than another. Instead, use this list as a way to either discover or rediscover some great Fun. songs that happen to be my favorites.

10. Take Your Time (Coming Home)


From the album, Aim and Ignite, this 7 minute track captures one of Fun.‘s best traits. The feels. It’s not a slow song by any means, but it manages to crescendo spastically without losing effect, and Nate Ruess (the lead singer) shows off some real vocal range here I haven’t appreciated since Freddie Mercury. There’s a shorter, acoustic version on the deluxe album, but the full version here is easily my favorite between the two.

Favorite line: It’s a beautiful thing when you love somebody, and I love somebody. Yeah I love somebody.

9. Carry On


I’ve noticed this track from Some Nights has been getting a little more popular lately, so I’d be remiss to leave it out. When I first bought this album, “Carry On” popped up on the playlist four songs in, and I just remember fully appreciating the lyrics and tone the very first time I heard it. The song is about recognizing our fatal flaws and moving past them. As Nate sings it, we are still “shining stars” and “invincible” even on our “darkest day.” Great advice to live by.

Favorite line: But I like to think I can cheat it all, to make up for the times I’ve been cheated on.

8. At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)


Okay, it’s easy to kind of interpret this song as looking down on people who haven’t “grown up.” The whole track is basically Nate running into old friends who are still living a crazy lifestyle past their prime. It’s a little harsh, but most of us can absolutely relate. Also, this is a ridiculously catchy song, so there’s that too.

Favorite line: I don’t keep friends, I keep acquainted. I’m not a prophet, But I’m here to profit.

7. Walking The Dog/ Walking The Dog II


Early in the album, the first version of this song, “Walking The Dog,” is an upbeat and positive song about getting over someone. Then “Walking The Dog II” comes on, which is the exact same song slowed down to a somber melody, reflecting how easy it is for us to fake a positive attitude after a breakup. Powerful songwriting, and my favorite “slow” song from Aim and Ignite.

Favorite Line: I wish you could see me, whoever I am. It’s not like a movie. It’s not all skin and bones.

6. Some Nights


This is definitely one of the more recognizable Fun. songs, and for good reason. It’s loud, catchy, and well, fun. There are probably a million ways to interpret this song, but my favorite is how the song seems to really capture the band’s career over the past decade. Also, there is probably no better song on this album to display its namesake.

Favorite Line: The other night, you wouldn’t believe the dream I just had about you and me. I called you up, but we’d both agree, it’s for the best you didn’t listen.

5. All Alright


Where to begin? This one is definitely a little more depressing, capturing the awkward tension between two people who have drifted apart. It reminds me of all the past friendships and relationships I’ve lost over the years and how we tend to say that everything is “alright,” even though it’s really not. Odd detail: there’s cheering at the very end. Weird end to a somewhat down song.

Favorite Line: And now I’ve given everyone I know a good reason to go, but I came back with the belief that everyone I love is gonna leave me.

4. Be Calm


The first song in any album should, in my opinion, hit it out of the park. Fun. gets this and manages to deliver on both of their albums, giving us upbeat tracks without fooling us into thinking we’re about to listen to a bunch of light, pop music. “Be Calm” is an inner monologue that both inspires and provokes laughter with its scattered lyrics. There really is no better way to write a song about our chaotic (and insane) thoughts that manage to almost, probably make sense.

Favorite Line: Take it from me, I’ve been there a thousand times. You hate your pulse because it thinks you’re still alive.

3. We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae)


The first song from Fun. I ever heard, “We Are Young” resonated with me and my friends immediately. I like to think that the band made this song difficult to sing (the chorus hits a really high note) because they knew it would get popular, so they wanted a chorus that people would embarrass themselves by singing. I really hope that’s the reason…

Favorite Line: Now I know that I’m not all that you’ve got. I guess that I…I just thought…maybe we could find new ways to fall apart.

2. Why Am I The one


It’s easy to miss this song, as its buried in the album and not given as much hype as “Carry On.” Still, this one always stuck out to me, especially when I left my hometown to start a new life. I guess I needed an introspective song like this to get me through the major life changes that occurred during my first year out of college. And the music video is flawless.

Favorite Line: For once, for once, for once, I get the feeling that I’m right where I belong. Why am I the one always packin’ up my stuff?

1. Some Nights (Intro)


People always ask me why this is my favorite Fun. song. It’s not very long, and the lyrics are kind of confusing to be honest. But there is just something about how this song is first on the album and transitions us perfectly into Some Nights. This is definitely my favorite album intro of all time, mostly because of how it manages to be perfectly simple and yet perfectly complex at the same time. It’s a fun-sized “Be Calm” that manages to accomplish the same thing in just 2 minutes.

Favorite Line: There are some nights I wait for someone to save us, but I never look inward, try not to look upward. Some nights, I pray that a sign is gonna come to me, but usually, I’m just trying to get some sleep.

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Fun. Songs

  1. Thanks for your helpful list. Keep it up!

  2. I was/am a big “The Format” fan. Fun is good but second rate in my opinion. Nevertheless, good list! I’ll have to give those albums another chance.

  3. I feel like you missed The Gambler.

  4. I thought I was the only one who had Some Nights (intro) and Why Am I The One as my favourite songs by fun! This list is delightful.

  5. The Gambler is the best song ever for me

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