Why I Eat Breakfast Every Single Day

I don’t usually preach on this subject, but I read an article this morning that really made me reflect on breakfast and being healthy.

Disclaimer: ever since I was 17, I’ve had the same breakfast every morning:

Special K cereal and orange juice.

Sure, I mix it up with yogurt or string cheese on the side now and again, but that is pretty much what I eat every morning. Why do I do this? To be honest, I just love cereal, and if I miss breakfast, I panic.

That said, I was relieved to find out this morning that whole-grain cereal and fresh fruit is the healthiest breakfast you can have, so success. The article, which I strongly suggest you read for yourself by clicking here here here, points out that the most unhealthy breakfast is a fast-food breakfast sandwich, like an egg-cheese biscuit at insert your fast-food chain here. Not surprising, but the article does elaborate on how these greasy breakfasts make your arteries deteriorate (in disgusting detail.)

But wait! They then point out that the most unhealthy breakfast is actually going without breakfast! Ok, we’ve heard this millions of times, but who really cares right? Just how important¬†is¬†breakfast?

Unbelievably, hence I had to share this uncontrollably cliche topic. As I tweeted earlier, this article concludes that you are 450% more likely to become obese if you skip breakfast regularly. That’s a lot of percent. Not to mention you also run the risk of cancer and diabetes, as well as just being unpleasant every day as a result of not having energy or a properly running metabolism.

Not often do I get to reflect on my own lifestyle and say, “Whew. I was already doing something correctly!” I’ll go back to being painfully wrong about my lifestyle choices now.


4 thoughts on “Why I Eat Breakfast Every Single Day

  1. I agree with your way of thinking because when I was at my height of obesity, it was primarily due to my overindulging in everything in my sight–later in the day; thanks for showing us all the benefits of eating in the morning:))

  2. You are absolutely welcome, but I have to give the credit to Lisa Collier Cool for her great article on Yahoo Health!

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  4. i have the same breakfast every morning too: Yogurth, mixed with fruit or granola, but yogurth is esencial on my day

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