How Do You Know if Something is Truly Valuable?


Not too long ago, I held something extremely valuable. For you it may be a person, job, hobby, pet, etc. Something happened out of my control and weeks later, it was no longer valuable to me. This is a strange phenomenon because I truly believed deep down that I fully cared about this, but now I feel nothing but a void. All it took was a couple of steps.

If something is truly valuable to me, that won’t happen so easily. This is because:

Value is as inherent as it is relative.

The more relative the value in someone or something, the less value they are capable of controlling over you.

This seems obvious, but causes mind blisters for me to grasp.

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4 thoughts on “How Do You Know if Something is Truly Valuable?

    • I had someone in my life that I cared deeply for. I would have done anything for this person. Weeks later, I feel nothing for this person. Not even contempt. I have seen people close to me go through the exact same thing, either through their marriage, relationships, or even their jobs. So, either value is relative, or we have no idea how to tell unconditional love apart from what we really have.

  1. Now I understand, From my own experience I wonder if what you are feeling is anger and disappointment in some form and the temporary closing down of emotions is a result of that. Obviously all personal relationships and circumstances are different. As for unconditional love in romantic partnerships. It does not exist. A marriage or relationship is still a contract between two people be it only verbal or outlined by what behavior is acceptable and gets a good response it’s still there. The love can be deep and very meaningful but it will be possible to find a deal breaker in any marriage.

    • You are absolutely correct when it comes to unconditional love (sorry I never saw your reply for some reason). I definitely felt anger and disappointment when this first happened, but by my emotions did not shut down completely. They simply shut down regarding this person and have been that way ever since, hence my confusion at what really holds value. Thanks for the relevant feedback!

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