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61 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello,
    I am currently writing my dissertation on Pixar and I want to focus on theory for part of it.
    I was wondering if there is any chance you could answer a couple of questions for me? It would be a massive help!

    Thanks :)

  2. I was thinking that Pocahontas should be counted in this theory because the tree also shows why wood is magic. Maybe that was the tree that started it all.

  3. im curious as to how many times you’ve watched all of the pixar movies? i can tell you pay a great amount of attention to not only the details in storyline but also small hints and cue’s in the scenery and props of all the movies. things that i would have never in a million years noticed. like the names and address of Ellie and the old man in “UP” in Andy’s bedroom and stuff like that. thats amazing dude way to do your homework. i appreciate someone who can appreciate movies as much as i do. (or likely a lot more that i do in your case lol). i really liked your article

  4. Jon….a man after my own heart! And well done! I can’t tell you how much more I enjoyed my raisin toast this morning because my daughter sent me the link to the ‘Toy Story – True Identity….’
    A question. What are your thoughts on the old man playing chess with himself [in the short film at the beginning] and his uncanny resemblance to the old man repairing toys in TS 2?
    Thank you for making my day [ps...I've never written anything to anybody ever because of an interesting bit of internet. Ever]

  5. Great read. I was wondering, and I’ve read this before, if Woody is much more loyal than the other toys since he is a lot older (he mentions “I haven’t seen one of these in ages” when he sees the record player). Since he came to be probably closer to the time of the Incredibles, and Zero point energy technology. Woody is the only one whose loyalty to Andy stays true to the (almost) bitter end.

  6. Hey, saw your piece about the theory of Andy’s mom a while back and then just a couple days ago I was watching Monsters Inc with my boys and noticed Boo had a little Jessie doll too…. Any links? :)

  7. I love this theory but if the incredibles takes place in the early 60′s how is it that they allow frozone to be a super considering he was black.

  8. Since I’m not sure how to contact you about your Pixar Theory, I’ll just drop it here. Hopefully you’ll see it.

    You said:
    “In each of the Toy Story movies, it’s made painfully clear that sentient objects rely on humans for everything. For fulfillment and even energy. It’s hinted at that the Toys lose all life when put away in “storage” unless they are in a museum that will get them seen by humans.”

    But this is not true. In Toy Story 2 the penguin toy that had been shelved in Andy’s room for years was just depressed. He wasn’t at risk of dying, or loosing consciousness or self awareness. In Toy Story 3 the remaining toys were debating whether they should leave or go into storage. The arguments for leaving were that Andy had grown up and would never play with them again. They wanted to be played with and loved so leaving and finding a new home seemed like the only reasonable course of action. But Woody argued that they would always be Andy’s toys and that they should go into storage, in the attack, and be there for him if he ever needed them. And I’m guessing it had been some 6 years since they had been played at any length and probably 3 since they had even been looked at. They were all still alive though.

    I’ve often wondered what drove them to desire attention myself… But I don’t think it’s a matter of life and death for them. Unfortunately you’re theory relies on the gravity of that as an explanation to work, and so I would appreciate some light to be shed on this.

  9. Helopmo, KI loooidkedkihb into tufhe Pianxar theoioru ojhnn fyhioufcrs abndd lovuended futi. I jkjtho9ugthn fkiiut wasxiujn veubwhry iunterdsetdhyjmingf hjn9okw kjyou nmmswemed jkn to loconet ldjfalldff oifk the lmcfoveioskl;. TYHJabn jkslk!!!!!!11!

  10. @Marg
    @Anonymous 3/20/14
    What are you saying? I get that Marg is speaking a different language, but what about you, Anonymous? You are just speaking jibberish!

  11. I’m super blown for your pixar theory! But i believe that Carl and Ellie and somewhat related to Andy. Because why would Andy have a postcard from Carl and Ellie?

  12. Doc Mcstuffens Probley fits into the Pixar Theory. I know that sounds lame but here me out! Doc has a Special Stethoscope that let’s here communicate and interact with toy. But, the Sethoscope is also a toy! Is it possible that toys power each other?

  13. You forgot something about The Incredible! Not all the supers die! The Incredibles didn’t die at the end! So how did they die!

      • To the person with the blog “imasecret” (you haven’t put your name hence “to the person”), in your header you have “my secrets are you’res to read! so go a head! share you’re thoughts with me!”, both “you’re”‘s should be “your”. By using you’re, you’re saying “my secrets are you are to read”. There’s no contact form on your blog, hence me commenting here.

  14. I am AMAZED how you got this theory! I think you’re spot on about the Pixar Theory! (One movie I wanna see to solve Boo being the Witch in Brave is a Monsters Inc. 3. It could be about Boo coming back, why? Well in the end of Monsters Inc. Mike puts Bo’s door back together and Sully opens her door and smiles.That means he probably visited Boo many times.I wanna see how she has grown and soooo much more! I flippen out at the end of Monsters Inc. I am soo glad I am not the only (crazy lol not crazy) one thinking about this! Keep up the good work Jon!

  15. Hi i saw your incredibles 2 post and I pray that it’s good, I’m also a huge disney/pixar fan and I hope that they use the villain “The Underminer” because they essentially set themselves up for a sequal at the end of the first movie also your pixar theory is great but if you watch meet the Robinsons I think that “Boo” may be in that movie as well, as that would be a clear explanation of how she managed to go back to the dark ages, examine the characters in meet the Robinsons and see what you think, please. Thankyou. P.s I love everyone of your’ theories

    • Also I forgot to mention that this movie also shows intelligent animals (Frannys’ Frogs) even though she said that they were genetically enhanced but still they play instruments… 😊

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