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122 thoughts

  1. The teacups and teacup set from Beauty and the Beast are in Tarzan. In fact, may things from that scene are from beauty and the beast. They are at Jane’s camp.


  2. Did you know that the inspiration for the way Tarzan moves in the trees was skateboarding? It’s true! My mom’s friend’s husband was the person trying to figure how he was supposed to move. Then he watched a skateboarder, then inspiration struck! Don’t believe me? Watch the movie and imagine him as a skateboarder.
    Libby is awesome.


  3. Hi Jon,
    Your Pixar Theory made a huge impression on me. I wonder if you let me publish the translation (of course, with a link to your article) on my blog, because I would like to more people learned about it in Poland.I would be grateful if you let me know what you think. My mail: gosiarella@gmail.com


  4. Hello Mr. Negroni
    My name is Ulises And i´m liked your work abaout of the Pixar theory, and I have to investigate this team.
    One frriend and me discovered one simple theory that ago the pixar´s history as changed because it´s infinity.
    Every time that Pixar entertaniment reveals a new movie like a Inside Out for example or Big Hero 6 it´s created a new fragment to the history and revelated more secrets in the theory.
    if you want interesting abaout of my idea you can contacme in Facebook.
    and Again repeat I´m fan of your Work. and i´m go im peace.


  5. Hi Jon,
    I run a site that focuses on millennial bloggers and vloggers. I wanted to confirm that you are a millennial (born 1980-2000). We’d love to reblog some of your posts in the future. I think our readers would enjoy it!


  6. In That’s So Raven (Disney) , where she kisses the first Devon is called Pizza Planet . Do you think the series of the Disney are part of the Theory of the Pixar?


  7. Hi Jon,
    My art publication is doing an issue on interpretation as a powerful creative act, and we would love to do a short interview with you. Your Pixar Theory is a moving example the sort of work we’re after. If you have just a bit of time to spare you would make this fan’s day. Please do let us know at thomasnlaprade@gmail.com. Thanks and keep it up!


  8. Thank you so much for your Pixar theory. My son loves it! He looks for references in all of the movies and loves to describe the connections. I believe that this has taught him about complexities in film and will, hopefully, lead to a lifelong appreciation!


  9. Hi Jon,

    I watched Monster University and believe i have found another A113. In the end of the movie we see the inside Mike’s locker inside the mailroom of Monster Inc.
    There are tickets for something that are seen in two different shots that follow each other. The first ticket in the first shot shows 13 and the second ticket in the second shot shows A11. The numbers are both on the same area of the tickets.
    Do you think it’s random or another A113 given by Pixar?


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