Who am I?

My name is Jon Negroni and I’m a writer of books, pop culture theories, and entertainment reviews. I also make YouTube videos sometimes and host a weekly podcast called Cinemaholics, which has since grown into a media platform with written content as well.

I started this blog in 2012 to write about all the things I care about. Naturally, I gravitated toward some of my biggest passions: film and entertainment. These days, I primarily write about animation and Pixar, though with the occasional curve-luxo-ball here and there. I also write books.

My latest book is Killerjoy, a fantasy adventure novel that combines everything I love about superheroes and comic books with traditional high fantasy. My first book was The Pixar Theory, based on the viral blog post I wrote here in 2013. It recently went out of print and is being republished into a bigger and better version that is coming soon.

On this site, you’ll find a huge variety of posts to read. I always try to search for the hidden meanings behind the best (and even the worst) stories. I get a thrill out of exploring incredible fan theories, tackling the worst articles of the Internet, and more. There’s plenty of nonsense, but hopefully some insight here and there.

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Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the site, so I can improve it as we go from here. Thanks for reading and enjoy the words.

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  1. I was doing some research (by watching the movie), and it turns out that, almost ALL of the memories are ellie lputting on carls tie, so that would mean riley mustve known ellie and carl

  2. Of the theory of inside out the memories of riley about the wedding of carl and ellie maybe the child of up is related to riley

  3. HI! okay, to start off, I’m a huge fan of the Pixar theory. I was wondering if you could elaborate more on your interest in the Pixar theory. I am writing a paper for my writing class in college and would love to learn more about it. Thanks!

  4. Question. I tried looking everywhere, but I couldn’t find a way to read The Pixar Theory book. Could someone maybe tell me where I can read it. I also wanna know if it’s just a audio-book, or if there’s a paperback or hardcover copy. I hope to hear back soon! 😎

  5. Hi, good theory. I’m doing a school project about this theory. I would like to contact you by mail to be able to interview you for my project.

  6. I just saw your article on will smith and wild wild west, it reminded me that I am still never going to go to anouther will smith movie until I get a refund for his horse shit movie ” after earth” and a personal apology for the loss of 2 hours of my life. Please write an article about it and my opinion please. Also there has never been a bad tom hanks movie, write an article about that too.

  7. To buy the pixar theory book in spain?

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