The Pixar Theory Timeline

Literally thousands of you have requested a visual timeline for The Pixar Theory, so I put this together for you in an attempt to better organize my insane, hyperactive mind. 

Keep in mind that this is not the full theory. There is plenty I don’t go over and there are many missing connections between movies I don’t bring up, so consult the full theory here if you want the details:



Pixar Theory

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538 thoughts on “The Pixar Theory Timeline

  1. This is an awesome theory! I wonder what the folks at Pixar think of this and whether or not they’d be willing to make a massive movie with all the characters playing out this timeline ultimately ending with Boo (as the witch) finally finding Sully again. I’d feel sad knowing that Boo never found a way to get back to Sully. I’d think that the final movie would be a Monsters Inc. sequel where the Witch travels forward in time to when Sully stopped visiting young Boo and that she bestows some knowledge of how time travel works to her younger self in order to start the entire thing all over again. I mean, we don’t know what the fate of the witch is, at the end of Brave.

    • Haha, well Cobretti I doubt that would happen since Pixar films are known for being wholly original. They have plenty of great material to draw from and don’t need this kind of story, for sure. That’s actually why I went ahead and wrote The Pixar Detective as my own way of tying the worlds together in a fan-fueled storyline. And hey, maybe Boo and Sully will reunite there ;)

      • Have you ever contacted anyone at Pixar about this to see if the theory was actually intended? Would be interesting to see what they had to say about it.

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