The Pixar Theory Timeline

Literally thousands of you have requested a visual timeline for The Pixar Theory, so I put this together for you in an attempt to better organize my insane, hyperactive mind. 

Keep in mind that this is not the full theory. There is plenty I don’t go over and there are many missing connections between movies I don’t bring up, so consult the full theory here if you want the details:



Pixar Theory

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608 thoughts

  1. Some people think it’s a small cameo of her in toy story 3. I don’t remember much about toy story 2 though, I haven’t seen it for AGEEEES :0


  2. I do not ascribe to the Pixar theory for several reasons, but the huge and rather important connection that is needed is the connection of wood and it’s natural ability to harness the time traveling ability. Now the issue with this, and in the words of the Witch/Boo herself, is this The Witch: “That’s ridiculous! Wood cannot be imbued with magical property. I should know, I’m a wi…whittler…of wood!” This shows that wood cannot be imbued with magical properties, as says the witch. Now one position someone can take to explain this statement is “Well maybe she was trying to just deny the magic, because she didn’t want to be caught out as a witch” But that wouldn’t make sense, she obviously reacted quickly and without a lot of thought to Merida. Meaning this was her first thought regarding wood and it’s ability to be used for magic. Now the other explanation is “The wood already has the ability to time travel, they’re just harnessing and releasing the power” Now this one makes a lot more sense, since instead of the wood being imbued with the ability and just being a power source it is active in the time travel. This also explains certain things that can make more sense. (For instance Flick and Heimlich were in Toy Story number whatever, as an Easter Egg, instead of Boo/The Witch having picked them up by accident, it was a case of spontaneous time travel. Which if wood is what holds the time travelling ability it would actually occur quite spontaneously as well. Now the issue I have with this, is that it seems to be a lot to reach for, since you are claiming that the Will’ O’ Wisps, are the original source of magic. The movie Brave just states the Will’ O’ Wisps lead you to your destiny Elinor: “A wisp? You know, some say that Will O’ the Wisps lead you to your fate.” this idea is frequented throughout different parts of the movie. Where the wisps lead people to their fate. The wisps themselves never actually caused any magic, or whatever. Though there is the whole Magic = Fate thing, but again a stretch you’d have to make. Now a better explanation would be that the Wisps actually led Boo/The Witch to her first Magic or Time Travelling ability thing, who knows what. But instead of going to the Dark Ages looking for more power, the Wisps just led her to knowing how to do it in general. The connection you use to explain the door of Boo/The Witches hut, and Monster’s Inc, how it transports through time. I will not say you are wrong on that, just yet. But these doors don’t show time travel necessarily, so much as a travel between two places. Time Travel itself, would start at Point A and end at Point A, just at a different time. Space and Time travel would be required to explain the different ending location of these doors (How else could there be something different on the other side?) But whatever on that. I could go through, but most of your explanations don’t work well, there are better ones with less need of a stretch and I personally just don’t think the Boo/Witch connection makes much sense. Regardless of what you have to say, where you see Boo and the girl from Toy Story 3, and she’s holding a Kitty doll with similar coloring to Sully, I can see a connection. They look similar, and shows that Boo still loves Sully. But the Witch and Boo look nothing alike, just because you get older does not mean your entire appearance changes. y nose didn’t start out tiny and button, and then one day become huge and bulging and whatnot. It’s always looked like this. My feeling on the Boo/Witch connection? There isn’t one, just another stretch made to make a connection that isn’t required to place all stories on the same timeline. There is no evidence for the connection. A time traveling witch would have seen all of what happens through time regardless and a SINGLE carving of something, does not mean that they are obsessed with something. If the witch was boo, wouldn’t there have been more than one example of Sully present in the workshop? Instead of just traditional bears? So just another stretch to explain something.


    1. That’s where I th the Marvel Universe fits in. See wood doesn’t have magical time-travelish properties but it can possess scientific timetravely properties. According to Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, time can go both forward and backward. If we let Marvel step in and handle all the specifics on how wood would make time travel happen, we have a time machine of wood! You have to take into account that the physics of the Disney universe would work a little differently than in our universe and let me remind you that in Once Upon A Time, Snow White and Prince Charming use an enchanted tree to get Emma to “our” universe. The addition of the Marvel Universe would also allow for Frozen and Big Hero 6 to join the party as a part of the Marvel Universe, Big Hero 6 being in the post Wall-E and Bugs Life time frame in which humanity has rebuilt former cities but is getting a lot of important parts wrong. Frozen fits in as the first technical superhero movie as Elsa has superpowers and is trying to use them properly.

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    2. I also find the Witch/Boo Theory not true… But that wouldn’t explain why there is carvings of Sully and the pizza planet truck in brave. Also I had a theory that might not fit with the pixar theory But alter it much more AND fit with your theory. So It starts in 2000 when Boo was a baby and visited by Sully and Mike she became SO interested years later she had a toy resembling Sully and A Toilet seat resembling Him;(There is actually one in toy story three) But i noticed about that is there is a problem which said by Mikes enemy (That cameleon…) Said “I’ve heard that humans skin monsters and use their fur” (Or Something) Which is the problem…. with that, BUT. Back to the theory she grows up BACKWARDS IN TIME…. which explains why she’s the so called “Witch” in brave, but then where she got the magic is unknown..


      1. Randall (the chameleon) never said that. The myth was “humans are toxic” and was spread by the heads of Monster Inc. in the film and actually fits in the theory. Growing up backwads in time? You’re not making any sense. You should really read the whole theory.


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  4. Hey :) I read The Pixar Theory, the Planes’ part and this timeline, too. And I found all great! I really liked it :)
    In this article you soon said that some details or films are missing in the timeline (like Newt, or similars…) and I totally agree. Only one thing: maybe you can put that one film about Dinosaurs (I don’t remember the name) you mentioned in Te PixarTheory (because it would have the first place, before Brave).
    However, excellent work ;) Hope you’ll continue it


  5. About the dinosaur movie, it never came out so I don’t think it should be added into the theory. But other wise I think the theory is great but how is Boo the witch? Just those crvings of Sully and the pizza planet truck to me are not enough evidence (to me anyway) to prove that the witch is Boo. Wouldn’t she have carved more carvings of Sully if it really was Boo? Because in Monsters Inc., it shows that Boo likes to draw a lot, and I think she drew quite a few drawings of Sully (and she drew Randall the purple lizard/snake like thing as well) so I think she would have done more carvings of Sully, unless Pixar only put one carving of Sully in her workshop on purpose to not make it obvious that she is Boo. I’m not really sure though but this is a really intereting theory and Pixar movies are pretty much my childhood and I’ve watched all of them except Up (I’ve seen it, but not all of it). Oh and I can’t wait for the new Pixar movie Inside Out to come out, I’d really love to see if this movie ties into the theory and if so, how (I really hope Inside Out doesn’t disprove this theory, because I love this theory).


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  7. This is AMAZING, but there’s a mistake :(, “A bug’s life” takes place at the same time as toy story does, you can see it at the end of toy story (i don’t remember wich one), there’s a blooper-like-thing where two of “A bug’s life” characters are talking in the middle of the grass and Buzz walks next to them.
    The caterpilar (I don’t remember his name) says: “this is not our movie”.
    This could mean three things:

    1)The bugs took control over the world and, somehow, made a time machine.

    2)Very similar to the other one, but the bugs didn’t build the time machine, Boo took them to a time travel.

    3) There’s a mistake.

    So… that’s all I have to say n_n

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  8. The notion that the monsters travel through time to scare the children couldn’t be further from just plain wrong. One of the biggest contributing factors to the energy crisis Monstropolis faces is the fact that kids have become desensitized and are harder to scare. Waternoose even says it himself. So if the door technology produces the possibility of time travel the monsters could simply dial into a point in history when children are still scared of their own shadows. This points to the notion that the monsters exist in parallel with humans, and the doors probably induce some inter-dimensional portal. And sorry, but that kind of unravels a big part of the rest of the theory. A lot of it seems to be arbitrarily based on a lot of things but the time travel concept pulls the whole thing together. Too bad it falls apart because of something so obvious.


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  10. Hi!.. Ive read the full theory and was amazed how well you connected the dots.. although Im sure they werent meant to be pieced together.

    One thing I could add is that, could the new Pixar movie “Inside Out” hint this slow take over of the machines over the humans? The Zero Point Energy may not only affect inanimate objects and animals but to the humans too and taking over the way humans behave towards the environment fueling the humans vs. animals conflict.. surely the machines arent taking sides over this conflict and want both to fight so they could take over during the aftermath.. wow..this is dark lol


  11. I don’t believe that Incredibles takes place in the 50s and 60s. You can’t just take into account the creation of A.I., because the technology present in the movie indicates a time much later. Nothing in the movie looked 50s or 60s styled.


    1. Except the dates are spelled out by Edna Mode. She specifically says that Stratogale and Thunderhead died in the late 50s. And we saw them at Mr. Incredible’s wedding. Plus, Brad Bird himself has said outright that they placed the movie in the 50s and 60s on purpose. You can even see “1968” on the newspaper Bob is reading at the dinner table.


      1. Isnt it slightly annoying when people comment especially with the express intent to basically attack and poke holes in your theory? I’m all for positive criticism and questioning things with the goal of trying to progress the discussion. But I cant stand when people just want to try and outright dismiss your theory for no other reason than wanting to say no youre wrong and trying to argue a point when they havent even done a basic inquiry into their argument. How easy would it have been for this person to find facts supporting that it was placed in the 60s. But instead they just decide to comment saying youre wrong. And most of all people seem to forget this is a theory. Youre not saying that this is what Pixar is doing. Its supposed to be a fun inquisitive theory that will make people look deeper and from a different point of view when watching these movies. Yet their will always be these people who just have to argue against it with no basis and no other reason than to try bash this theory. Youve clearly done the research and know what youre talking about. And I’m all for positive debate stemming from a factual basis. I’m a big supporter of your theory and it really gets to me when I continually see these people blindly criticizing when their criticism is so clearly and easily proven wrong.


  12. Maybe the fact that Buzz didn’t know that he was a toy in the first movie indicates that the toys are starting to get a personality of their own and don’t just consider themselves toys anymore but as sentient beings.The rest of the toys willingly let Sid destroy other toys in the first movie but Buzz wants to help them and the other toys warn him not to. He doesn’t seem to care if the humans know he’s alive at first but (assuming that star command in toy story is like Starfleet from star trek) he believed his purpose was to blend into other people’s cultures so that could be why he allows andy to play with him. Lastly when he does find out that he is a toy he handles it differently from the other toys and becomes depressed. It is the only explanation I could find for why he didn’t know that he was a toy in the first one.


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