The Pixar Theory Timeline

Literally thousands of you have requested a visual timeline for The Pixar Theory, so I put this together for you in an attempt to better organize my insane, hyperactive mind. 

Keep in mind that this is not the full theory. There is plenty I don’t go over and there are many missing connections between movies I don’t bring up, so consult the full theory here if you want the details:



Pixar Theory

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576 thoughts on “The Pixar Theory Timeline

  1. This is an awesome theory! I wonder what the folks at Pixar think of this and whether or not they’d be willing to make a massive movie with all the characters playing out this timeline ultimately ending with Boo (as the witch) finally finding Sully again. I’d feel sad knowing that Boo never found a way to get back to Sully. I’d think that the final movie would be a Monsters Inc. sequel where the Witch travels forward in time to when Sully stopped visiting young Boo and that she bestows some knowledge of how time travel works to her younger self in order to start the entire thing all over again. I mean, we don’t know what the fate of the witch is, at the end of Brave.


    • Haha, well Cobretti I doubt that would happen since Pixar films are known for being wholly original. They have plenty of great material to draw from and don’t need this kind of story, for sure. That’s actually why I went ahead and wrote The Pixar Detective as my own way of tying the worlds together in a fan-fueled storyline. And hey, maybe Boo and Sully will reunite there ;)


  2. what about frozen, tangled, the plane movies, wreck it ralph? all the pixar movies are not on this timeline. Do they not matter? making your whole theory wrong


  3. On the comment thread of the original Pixar Theory treatise, I posted some ideas I had about the origin of monsters in the Pixar universe. I also have been working on some ideas of how the Pixar shorts work within the theory. I’d like to write some of them out and share them, Mr. Negroni. If you are interested in seeing them, please let me know and tell me how you would like to receive them…..I don’t want to clutter up your comment boxes with them, and I’m not even sure if they are something that you would want to see. Should I email them to you?


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  9. Hello Mister Negroni :)
    Your theories are exhilarating. Every story is put together perfectly and they fit like pieces in a puzzle (in my opinion, at least).
    I would love to know what you think about where Shrek and the gang come in the picture, considering that there were references made regarding many Disney princesses in the first Shrek movie.
    Also, your entire theory on how far Boo went to meet her friend Sully, purely out of love for him, it brought tears to my eyes.
    Simply beautiful :)
    Thank you!


    • Well Shrek is Dreamworks, so I’ve never considered those stories as a part of the Pixar universe. Especially since the princesses are derived from classic fairy tales, not Disney (and because Disney’s princess movies are not related to Pixar). Thanks for your kind words!


  10. I was just watching Wall-E followed by toy story 3 and noticed that Andy’s mum’s license plate is A113. The same directive the Autopilot must follow requiring that no humans return to earth. I was amazed by your theory and kept looking for more evidence.


    • A113 has nothing to do with his theory. It appears in all the pixar movies because A113 is the classroom number all pixar employees have sat in during their education. Its a famous classroom and is well known for being included in the movies to pay respect.


      • Yes, this is true. You’ll find it in countless movies because it’s used by animators all over the world who went to CalArts.


  11. You can connect Frozen in as Elsa being a super. The introduction of Frozen allows for the introduction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU, which explains the Willow of the Wisps, Zero Point Energy and time traveling as alien technology. Big Hero 6 occurs after A Bugs Life but before Monsters University. None of the other Marvel movies interrupt the events and sometimes even bolster them. Agents of SHIELD does a good job of introducing a lot of alien stuff into the show such as superheroes and alien technology. It also makes Syndrome’s technology look basic which is important in making the 60’s feel. We can also put a pin on the organization Syndrome worked with to make all this crazy stuff; Hydra. We can even fit the X-Men trilogy in here, which further solidifies the theory. If you want to get really crazy about this, you can fit Pirates of the Caribbean in here to explain all the magic stuff. There’s a lot of room for expansion and a lot of loose ends have been explained. Even better, everything (except X-Men) is still under Disney’s roof! One final thought, I think that Mary Poppins may be a 20ish Boo going through time for Sulley but ending up temporarily stranded in Edwardian London. She took care of the children until she was able to time travel again.


  12. I think the theory that laughter providing a better energy source in Monsters Inc. really contributes to Toy Story. It gives an explanation as to why inanimate objects would be able to come to life, because the energy from kids playing with toys would provide enough energy for them to be alive.


  13. What about the Pixar shorts? Includes For the Birds, The Adventures of Andre and Wally B, Lifted, One Man Band, etc. Do these take place in this universe?


  14. Interesting theory and it does seem to make sense as well. But there is one thing that you might have overlooked. In Monster Inc, the scene where the show the company’s commercial where they say that it is getting difficult to scare children because of television. Wouldn’t it make sense to go to a time period when it was easier to scare children? Hence resolving the energy crisis.


  15. Doctor: Fantastic!
    Master: Agreed! Absolutly fantastic!
    Foxy: Aye, lads! Here be a tale a tale that’ll be told fer ages ta come!
    Big Mac: Eeyup.
    Slenderman: thumbs up
    Jeff: Oh yeah!


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