How to Be A Journalist In A World Full of Opinions


I spent a lot of time trying to decide which words to use for this headline (yes, I write headlines before I write articles). For the word journalist, I almost wanted to put “objective person” or “standout,” but those words are awkward.

For the word opinions, I wanted to use a word that was catchy, like “noise” or “biased nutcases,” but I didn’t want to insult myself and everyone else I know. So I settled on this headline.

How to be an objective standout even though everyone else is a noisy and biased nutcase.

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How to Always Have Something Interesting to Write About

how to write something interesting

Common question: “What should I write about?”

Common answer: “I don’t know. I guess whatever.”

Grammar problems within our minds aside, the answer to this ubiquitous question about content choice is incredibly…under-answered.

You want to be able to deliver interesting and compelling content for your blog or publication on a regular basis, but eventually, you hit a snag. You run out of things to say and give up, mostly because you don’t want to deliver anything short of your best work.

It’s a nice sentiment, but it’s also misguided. There is always something of value to say. You’re just not asking the right questions.

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Why We Should Write Letters Again (Please)


Over the weekend, I put together an article for the Thriveworks Blog under that same title (I added the “please” just for you guys) and stressed the importance of maintaining a culture of meaningful letter-writing.

The reason I write with such haste is simple: Digital communication, with all of its bells and whistles, has a major flaw. Yes, we can send thousands of texts to numerous people and have inboxes with thousands of emails, but in 100 years, what record of your existence will remain?

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What Will We Love About the 2000’s?

What Will We Think of the 2000's?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the 90’s lately. I’ve been watching Boy Meets World and Dawson’s Creek daily (don’t judge me), and my current music obsessions revolve around a 90’s playlist I made on Spotify. Shamelessly.

This sudden nostalgia isn’t all that mysterious. Everyone from sociology experts to Buzzfeed saw this retro revival coming. Put the incessant Pokemon and James Van Der Memes aside and you’ve got a pretty textbook phase going on now.

So, what will people think of the 2000’s? For me, revisiting this decade in possibly 10 years will be a thrill since I spent my teenage years during this time. Sure, the 90’s were when I first discovered Playstation, but the 2000’s are when I first discovered girls and Blink 182.

It’s easy to classify the 90’s if you really think about it. It was a decade of reflection on the previous decades (think Forrest Gump) as well as a hard look at the future (the Y2K fiasco). What will we say about the 2000’s? Hopefully we’ll have more to go off of on than American Idol and  the rise of club music.

For me, the millennium was a time when everything that was great in the 90’s seemed to decline. Two wars, intense political divide, and Fallout Boy ensured that we had plenty to worry about, but at the same time we had some of the best escapism out there.

After all, special effects really came into their own during this time. My favorite superhero of all time, Spider-Man, finally got his own movie in 2002 and kicked off a decade of mostly stellar comic-book movies, culminating with The Dark Knight, and more generally, Avatar in 2009.

Pixar came out with most of its best movies that decade from Toy Story 2 (okay it came out in November of 1999 but close enough) to Finding NemoWall-E, and Up just to name a few.

Oh and let’s not forget Harry Potter.

I guess it’s settled. I’ll forever remember the 2000’s for how easy and fun it was to escape into a good movie. Heck, things have gotten even worse since the 2000’s ended when you think about. Pixar isn’t coming out with a non-sequel until 2014…

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