2018 In Film – Do I Make You Sad? (Tribute)

Another year of film is about to pass, so I did something a bit different to mark the occasion. You’ve probably seen a few tributes like the one shown above, but hopefully you’ll find that this one is a bit more thematic than others. Each song choice, scene, and even some edits plays into a larger theme of what 2018 meant to me as a filmgoer. Also, I purposefully chose 162 films to highlight, which obviously includes movies I haven’t even seen yet, as well as films I didn’t even particularly like. But I know many of you watching did, and I want to celebrate the universal appeal of cinema for everyone. Not just me.

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Ralph Breaks the Internet Review – Cinemaholics Episode #92

ralph breaks

Ralph Breaks the Internet (or just Wreck-It Ralph 2) is smashing its way through box office records, but is it true that Ralph breaks hearts, as well? Will Ashton and Maveryke Hines are on Cinemaholics with me this week to review the film, along with Green BookRobin HoodThe Christmas Chronicles, and Cam.

Next week: We’re thinking of doing our annual Winter Movie Preview  episode, covering some of our most anticipated films releasing between December and February. Let us know in the comments or become a patron to vote in our weekly Patreon poll.

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