Ep99: Pete’s Dragon and the Cursed Child

pete's dragon

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It’s time for another episode of Now Conspiring, the weekly podcast on all things…anyway.

This week, we review Pete’s Dragon and Sausage Party, which are two movies that couldn’t be any more different. We also discuss Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Adonis’s ill-fated Harry Potter fan theory getting roasted on Snarcasm, and the state of modern film criticism. Don’t worry, the segue works.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Who are your favorite film critics and why?

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Review: ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Both Reinvents And Recaptures Classic Disney

pete's dragon review

I wrote a full review of Pete’s Dragon is on Movie Pilot, which you can read here. Overall, I loved the movie and had a blast watching it, thinking about it, and of most of all, writing about it. I’ll be chatting about the film more in length for Monday’s podcast, along with even more thoughts on Sausage Party, which I also reviewed this week.

Here’s a quick excerpt from my review of Pete’s Dragon:

There are a lot of intelligent, aspirational elements at play within Pete’s Dragon, as it sets up the forest as an idyllic setting that needs to be cherished, but not ignored. Like the dragon himself, there’s something beautiful about man and nature coming together, but the obvious message about environmentalist values you might read into here is one thing the movie smartly downplays, instead accepting that man’s role in the world doesn’t have to be a passive one.

Pete’s Dragon revels in its simplicity and digestible themes, which is why it’s such an easy film to immerse yourself in, at just about any age (and not just because Robert Redford steals all of his scenes). For that reason, it’s the best family movie of the year and among the best films in 2016, overall.

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