The Pixar Detective: Chapter 22

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Hey awesome readers, I hope you’re all mentally prepared for the slew of new chapters we’re finishing Pixar Detective with. Finally, after over a year of planning, the story is coming together, and Chapter 22 is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Only the most exhaustive Pixar fans will pick up on some of the secrets and easter eggs I’ve hidden in this week’s chapter, and I have no doubt some of you will spoil them in the comments.

pixar detective chapter 22

As always, be sure to send your thanks to our illustrator, Kayla, for making these incredible sketches for the chapter and bringing Pixar Detective to life.

Let’s get started!

Previously, on the Pixar Detective!

Five months have passed since Stevin and Wallaby returned to present-day San Francisco, their home, to continue the investigation to find Mary. Along with them, Sadie and Sumner have begun to find a home here.

But the mission isn’t over. After months of planning, Stevin finally makes his move by seeking out a mysterious man named Kevin, who once aided Mary in collecting the materials she needed to travel in time without the help of Alec Azam. Now Kevin is helping Stevin and the others, and they’ll be traveling in style.

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