Catching Up on Your Feedback – Anyway, That’s All I Got!


We’re back! We’ve been away for a little while, but the wait is over, and to celebrate our return we’re catching up on ALL of your feedback! We work our way through an entire summer’s worth of comments and emails, and there are plenty of conversations and debates to be had. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make this a regular segment in order to encourage fan interaction, albeit in a much more concise way.

Hosted by Sam Noland, Anthony Battaglia, and Jason Read!

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12 thoughts on “Catching Up on Your Feedback – Anyway, That’s All I Got!

  1. You know me by other names, but will use this moniker going forward… Great episode. The Star Wars commentary responses were great. The comments seem to have hit a nerve… Here are some suggestions for future episodes: (1) James Cameron episode; (2) Tim Burton episode; (3) The Coen Brother’s episode; (4) Cult movies/directors.

    As for movie suggestions, I recommend for viewing Blood Simple (Coen Brothers). Gripping stuff. Also, I have a recommendation for Jason: TapeHeads, with John Cusack and Tim Robbins. Two words: “Production Values.”

    Later PodPeople


  2. Oh hello ATAIG! Longtime listener first time commenter. Just wanted to chime in and say:

    1. Dinos should have feathers and should fly, yes.
    2. Gusteau was absolutely a Ghost Protocol.
    3. Bring. Back. JOHN MCTIERNAN.

  3. Yes you’re back! I’ve been meaning to comment for a while, so I’m listening now! You guys are awesome.

  4. What I meant by my comment “they’re not for everyone,” all I’m saying is that not every movie has to be beloved by “everyone.” For one thing it’s impossible, and it works both ways. If you love the movie, get over it if someone hates it. If you hate it, don’t worry so much about other people loving it. Chances are you’ll change your mind someday or they will, or neither of you will. You can’t control the countless subjective circumstances that affect what you think about any given “art,” and it’s a fool’s errand to chase validation from others. Like what you like. Hate what you hate. Plenty of people didn’t like the original Star Wars when it came out, but we tend to rewrite history and assume “that” movie was “for everyone.” It certainly wasn’t. Empire Strikes Back opened to very unflattering reviews at first. For my money, the best Star Wars films have been good because of their weirdness and bold visionary style, so it’s actually not surprising for me to see some folks who appreciated the vision of New Hope not exactly enjoying a different vision for a new film.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with Anthony’s point about your “favorite” or “least favorite” movie not necessarily being about a film’s objective quality. While we’re on that topic, my “favorite” movie ever is Back to the Future. It’s a very personal choice for me, and I would never try to claim it as a masterpiece.

  6. Hello everyone,

    I have been listening to the show from the very start–well, since the Podfather picked you up because that’s when I knew you all meant business–and I have to say, the podcast is great! I’m glad you’re all back.

    I don’t have much to say except for a little pitch I have for an episode idea (if you would be so kind as to here me out). How about an episode wherein all you talk about is one movie, analyse it and what’s it about (or what you think it’s about) in a way which focuses more on analysis than criticism. The movies which come to my mind for such a thing are Blade Runner, Citizen Kane and Mulholland Drive just as examples to get the ball rolling. What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe so?

    Whatever it may be, I looked to whatever you do next because you have a rather compelling group dynamic and consistently interesting discussion.

    Aaron (that’s me)

    • Apologies, my name is supposed to say, “Gene the “Meh” Emoji but I hate that name because it’s not funny anymore, I’m sorry that I picked it I think that I will just go by my regular name from now on which is Aaron because h”

    • Mulholland Drive would be awesome.

  7. Slight change to my online identity, going with Plain White Wrapper (think Repo Man more than Eminem). Here are a few movie suggestions, in addition to Blood Simple:

    1. Body Double, film by Brian DePalma;
    2. True Lies, film by James Cameron, simply to watch Bill Paxton do his stuff;
    3. My Cousin Vinny (lawyers love this movie);
    4. The Verdict (Paul Newman as washed up attorney, lawyers also love this movie, features an early Bruce Willis in an un-credited role as a courtroom spectator / extra);
    5. Lifeforce (space vampires, need I say more… Steve Railsback, movie star).

    Have fun and welcome back.


    • I will resist changing my online alias to Blue Gatorade, but reserve the right to change my name to Blue Gatorade in the future. Here is another movie to add to a recommended watch list: The Stunt Man, starring Peter O’Toole and that movie star, Steve Railsback. (Steve Railsback also starred as Charles Manson in the TV movie Helter Skelter). It’s a movie about making a movie, in a way. Nominated for three Academy Awards. Popular with critics and movie goers alike. Note that Roger Ebert did frame by frame analysis and discussion of Citizen Kane and Pulp Fiction at seminars for years before his death.

  8. Sup brothas, Kadlick here. I’ve had enough of Sam reading comments so i read mine for ya: .
    Anyway, all I gotta say is Miles Teller don’t need saving. Not at all. My boy Miles is on a roll. Look at his filmography. Rabbit Hole was fine and then Project X — don’t even get me started on Project X, so freaking relatable. Spectacular Now doesn’t hold up on rewatches. 21 And Over is more relatable content. Whiplash, we all know and love. That Awkward Moment and Two Night Stand is a terrific double whammie. Great stuff. Then we have a 3-movie roadbump: Insurgent, Fantastic 4, Allegiant. That ain’t no problem tho. Because then we have Get A Job which is a blast. War Dogs is next. Amazing. How many times do I have to say it? RELATABLE CONTENT. I love those characters. Bleed For This was hard. Only The Brave made me cry. And then Thank You For Your Service was bad. But don’t worry Miles; thank you for your service, Miles. I think it goes without saying that Miles Teller is the actor who gets my butt in the seats.
    Also how ya disrespect my homie Kel. There is no Keenan without Kel!

    Mikey Smallz is Audi 3000 — Deuces!

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