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This week Part-Time Characters goes back in time to review some classic horror/supernatural movies. We did our best to keep a brave face. It’s another special episode of Retro Reviews, where we each pick a movie we haven’t seen but we have been meaning to watch for quite some time. Then we all discuss them and decide if they live up to the hype.

One of us watched the original Ghosbusters, a perfect blend of comedy and horror, but they were less than impressed by it. Can you guess who it was? Then we discuss a major horror film that came out in the early 2000s, The Others. If this movie didn’t make you keep the lights on at night, you are immune to ghosts and anything supernatural. Last but not least, we review a 70s cult classic, Suspiria. With the remake just announced last week with a teaser trailer, we decided to check out the original film and boy, it’s a lot of fake blood, red velvet and dubbed dialogue.

Question of the Week: What supernatural movie scared the life outta you?

Adonis’s Question: Playstation or Xbox?


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This week’s cast: Maria Garcia, Bridget Serdock and Adonis Gonzalez

Music: Great Days by Joakim Karud

4 thoughts on “Retro Reviews: Supernatural Movies / Part-Time Characters

  1. I thought I would never hear someone more wrong about something than when I heard “There’s no gravity in space”….. then I heard Bridget’s take on Ghostbusters …..

  2. -The study Bridget is talking about is called the Milgram study, to try to see how far people would go obeying orders that are morally wrong.
    -Also the original Ghost Busters was super misogynyst, which I think was why the remake brought out the worst geeks. There’s a period joke that was particularly cringeworthy. I can totally understand someone disliking it.
    -I’d recommend the film “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”, which is a drama with supernatural elements.

  3. I haven’t really seen that many scary movies, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that really scared me. I have seen Ghostbusters, and I thought it was pretty good, but the crossing streams thing was a little weird because earlier they had said that was really dangerous.

  4. Suspiria had great visuals but the acting was subpar, the plot, paper thin and the dubbing was bad even by the Spaghetti Western standards! I understand they had actors from different countries that didn’t spoke each other language but Italian films were filmed like that & the actors are great in many of them…
    The Good, The Bad and the Ugly was filmed in the same way and there’s not a bad performance in that movie.
    I think that Argento is more of a visual director and his weak side is working with the actors.
    The fact that the blood looks fake in many flims from the 70es and 80es is probably because of the rating boards.
    The were keen on giving X rating to films with real looking fake blood at the time.
    Taxi Driver was a film that had a tad too real looking fake blood for the ending shootout so the rating board forced Scorsese to desaturate the color of the whole scene for the film to avoid the X rating

    The films that really messed me up as a kid were The Omen (1976), Children Of The Corn and From Dusk till Dawn! I saw them when I was way too young like 6 or 7 and had to sleep with the light on for some time.
    A film that really messed me up as an adult was The Mist…
    Having read the novella on which it was based on and I expected the ending to be quite different but when I saw how it ended I was like What the Fuuuuuсk!!!???
    Why would they do that!!??

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