Best Robots From Movies (Anyway, That’s All I Got)


It’s much more laid-back on ATAIG this week, because we decided to talk about some of our favorite (and possibly least favorite) ROBOTS from movies, in celebration of last week’s low-budget sci-fi thriller Upgrade (not technically a robot, but we thought it was close enough). Listen as the ATAIG crew discuss some of the most well-written, interesting, bizarre, or ridiculous mechanical beings to grace motion pictures (which is a fancy way of saying that Sam totally nerds out while Anthony and Jason calmly discuss some sci-fi movies). Enjoy!

Hosted by Sam Noland, Jason Read, and Anthony Battaglia!

Question for you: Who are some of your favorite Robots (Robits?) from movies? The more obscure the better! Also, what Robot would you want as your personal sidekick?

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7 thoughts on “Best Robots From Movies (Anyway, That’s All I Got)

  1. Sam, I could listen to you talk about old science fiction movies for hours XD

    • Haha thanks so much! I’m sure I could do it, but I doubt it would be interesting to everyone 🙁 I appreciate it nonethless, and thanks for listening!

  2. So glad you mentioned Yul Brynner in Westworld. One of my favorite movies and he is perfect in that role. Have any of you guys been watching the HBO Westworld?

    • I personally haven’t, mostly because I don’t have HBO, but I’d be curious to see how it connects to the movie. Thanks for the suggestion and for listening!

  3. PodPeople: This episode made me really laugh hard! I actually saw Ice Pirates in the movie theater when it came out with friends of mine. My friend, Lenny, stated that it was one of the best movies he had ever seen because it did not take itself seriously, was cartoonish, slapsticky, and altogether silly. Thanks for the blast from the past! Jim

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